Watch: Gentleman pees on production line while working at world's largest pork company


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Puts the ‘P’ in pork.


He was careful not to get pork grease on his unit though. /s


This sketch makes more sense now.

Scott: Gordon, what are you doing up, hon? It’s after two o’ clock in the morning.

Bruce: It’s that salty bloody ham!

Scott: The ham we had at dinner?

Bruce: Yes! Was there another ham?

Scott: You didn’t like it…

Bruce: No, I didn’t like the ham, dear; it was a little bit salty, thanks.

Scott: Well, you certainly wolfed enough of it down.

Bruce: I didn’t wolf it down. A man works all day, he expects a normal ham meal, not Goddamn bastard brine!

Scott: I don’t know what could have gone wrong…

Bruce: Well something did!

Scott: I didn’t do anything different… I went down to Deatrix and picked myself up a choice 6 pound Virginia ham.

Bruce: Did you drop it in salt on the way home, perhaps?


That’s why these are so important


Managament should put up one of those novelty signs like my neighbors had at their pool when I was a kid.

“Welcome to our ork lant. Note that there is no P in it. Please keep it that way.”


whoever leaked this video… 10/10 vegan praxis


“He’s suspended for now.” You could even say he’s hung . . . out to dry. . . . All they have to do now is flick him away, then flush this incident from their memories. What a pissant.

(seriously – “for now”?)


“leaked” this video indeed.


I wonder how much pressure it put on line workers to not take breaks. An interestingly omitted, part of the story.


In his defense, he was only recently transferred from the hot dog line.


From one review of the flavor of Smithfield pork chops: “It does have a little wang in it. Good, though.”


Came here to say the same. I would be curious to hear from employees about that. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he had no malicious intent and his bladder was about to burst but due to undocumented polices on taking breaks he felt he had no other way to deal with it. Perhaps they dock pay for breaks and he can’t afford that. Definitely want to hear his side of the story.


I was thinking the same thing. If that’s the case this guy is still a jerk for pissing in the pork. If you’re mad at the management policy, piss on the floor. Don’t risk getting consumers sick because your boss won’t let you take a bathroom break.


Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner …


Question 1: Was he allowed piss breaks?
Question 2: Would he be punished even if he were allowed a piss break?
Question 3: Is there any reason anyone should be eating pork after seeing this?



“Yeah, but without the grease (piss), all you can taste is the hog anus.”


He’s been suspended for now.

Pork Chops are delicious.


That’s what I was thinking.


Did he piss in the pork, or near it? I saw stuff moving above him… Thoughts?