Watch how paintballs get made

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Wait, it’s all ‘food grade’? Why aren’t these the new Tide Pods? I kinda want to try one now with its gelatin and ‘secret’ ingredients.

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Oh no - you don’t. Paintballs are editable, but they taste horrible. The gelatin shell alone is mostly tasteless, but the paint is blech.

It is a neat process, though and literally requires a million dollar machine, thus why they can only be so cheap.


Did you know this same process is used for making bath pearls? Next time you’re out on the course, give your opponent the relaxing gift of Lavender!

[pck, pck, pck!] So refreshing!


I think they make them taste horrible on purpose. Just to really rub it in if you’re unlucky enough to get some in your mouth. I’ve been there. Blech.

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