WATCH: How to be a totally awesome 80s model


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My 'u’s are always sensual.


I can only guess that the guy recommending a good haircut, doesn’t own a mirror.


“I will not stand for a child that cries.” And that man went on to become…Werner Herzog!


I haven’t watched it, but the guy in the still for the video looks like Mr Noodle from Elmo’s World.

And haircut guy? Clearly a young Dick Morris in a pageboy wig.



I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Denise Richardson’s acting skills have sure improved.


This is pretty much how it was back then (I’m a professional male model).
All I had to do was bring my beautiful face, and a check for $60.

Handsome Boy Modeling School graduate, Class of 1990.


He’s got to have a Ministry in the Southern states. Surely. And a sex scandal in the 90’s where he begs God and his congregation for forgiveness.


And an Ashley Madison account… last week.


Video proof:


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