Watch: Idaho Lt. Gov. has difficulty explaining why she spoke at a white supremacist rally

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Because she’s a white supremacist and a fan of terrorism. She admires the kind of man who mooches off his parents in a basement unable to support himself while ranting about POC. She’s a garbage human with nothing but bad ideas serving an evil and intellectually impotent master. Hth!


Well… the white kind of terrorism, that is…


I don’t I don’t know who he is. I don’t. I’ve never met him. I don’t know who he is.

She’s like a rubbish, more fascist-sympathising version of Sgt. Schultz.

I wanted to participate and speak to these young conservatives.

It’s so easy to confuse “these young conservatives” with young Nazis these days in the U.S., especially without the Hitlerjugend uniforms as a helpful way to avoid the necessity for such awkward interviews.


I’d just like to point out that Nick Fuentes posts things like this:

The idea that McGeachin “didn’t know who he was” is a bald-faced lie, but it’s the sort of behavior we’ve come to expect from her. She’s a coward and a bully and a terrible human being. And if the current governor decides not to run for re-election, she will be the next governor of Idaho.


Saying “I’m not a Nazi” while saying “I’m a Nazi”, only the GQP/KKKputinpublicans could make that make sense.


Holmes: Tell me you’re a Nazi without telling me you’re a Nazi.
McGeachin: I don’t, I don’t know what a Nazi is. I’ve never met a Nazi.


‘Can we be clear, just because I speak at their rallies and pose for photos alongside them, repeat their talking points, take their donations, buy the T-shirts and box sets and have a massive tattoo of their face on my back doesn’t mean I’m sympathetic with their aims.’

  1. List an example of a recent Democrat speaking at a conference with White Nationalists, and I am sure the media and others will give them shit.

  2. Maybe ask yourself WHY only Conservatives have the problem of being conflated with the two. Hint: it isn’t just “media bias”.

  3. If I went to some conference, gave a speech, and then found out XYZ was also there, I would make it abundantly clear that I didn’t know who XYZ was a the time, nor what they had said in the past. I can stand by what I said, but say in the future I would avoid any event hosted or attended by XYZ, and urge “young conservatives” to do the same. And then reiterate “conservative values aren’t the White Nationalist” values.

Jesus - it really isn’t that hard to play dumb and create political distance between you and White Nationalists. I think the reality is: they think they can’t win elections with out the support of the far right, and thus they won’t condemn them. The GOP has fucking lost the plot.


“There are thousands of young conservatives out there…”

I hope her math is accurate.


“We are fighting for the soul of our nation, with these wide open borders. It’s only a matter of time, that America, we lose who we are as a free country.”

Calculating Figure It Out GIF


Translation: white people are afraid that the same things they’ve been doing to everyone else for a few centuries is going to happen to them…


When you only know someone from the things they publicly say, that is how you will judge their character. That, and who those people choose to associate with. It’s really not a difficult concept. If you go onstage with a white supremacist, racist asshole, take pictures with him and be a speaker at an event you know they are appearing at, then that is how we’ll know you, Madame Lt. Governor. That is not a media bias, it’s just how it is.


This headline is unfair. McGeachin made it perfectly clear why she was at a white supremacist rally.


I like how she equates keeping America a free country by building walls and choosing who can be here.


When she talks about “open borders destroying the ‘soul’ of america and who we are”. It’s pretty clear she’s a racist with white supremacist beliefs.


I think this is where the reporter missed a serious opportunity.

“You came here to speak to the young conservatives? This is a white nationalist convention. Are you saying that white nationalism is a conservative value?”


Yep - she outed herself right then and there. She and her ilk are fine with open borders - as long as the people coming in look, speak, act and think like she does.
Disgusting [woman]


A fundamental component of the Republican belief system is to proudly and vociferously bear false witness as often as possible. She is doing a terrible job of it. How does she expect to make her way up the ranks if she can’t even manage to remember the lies and repeat them with ease?