Watch: Idaho professor says women should stay out of engineering – they belong at home with kids

He probably fits right in at the National Conservatism Conference.

(The article is pretty lightweight, but gives the general idea.)


There’s not much the school can do about his spewing this garbage if he has tenure but might he be “encouraged” to stop teaching and focus on research? I’m sure that a promised review of his grading history cross-indexed with his students’ genders (perfectly reasonable in light of his own stated views) might nudge him in that direction, assuming the university administration has the backbone to do it.


As an alumnus of BSU, I am completely unsurprised by this.


Well, I mean, what do you expect? “Boysey” is right there in the name of the university.


Professor Incel can fuck right off.


Professors with proven Title IX violations can have their tenure revoked. A case can be made that this qualifies. Even if not because it happened off-campus or whatever, I’d expect that a professor with this attitude has a history of other discriminatory behavior that would qualify.


Maybe, if you’re a man. But even then, I hope you’d find his classes infuriating, instead of funny.

From the post,

He has power. He has power to issue a grade,” Walton, co-founder of the Idaho 97 Project, told the Statesman. "It’s disgusting.

That part.

As @gracchus pointed out above, he’s not a “hoot” as a teacher when he’s holding back students who are women, with lower grades and other methods. He’s a retrograde, surely legally liable asshole.


As a tenured college instructor I think there are a few misunderstandings about just what “tenure” means.

Tenure just means that an instructor cannot be fired without cause. For example, my college can’t cut my position just to save money unless they cut all the adjuncts in my department first. But if I started lecturing my students about how certain races are better suited for my field than others they could and would drop me like a hot potato.


And there’s still so much room for improvement. I’m an ME for a mid-sized (1000 employees) semiconductor equipment manufacturer. There are ~200 employees in the engineering pool across all the business units. Five of them are women.

OTOH, my wife is a principal researcher for big pharma and the ratios are very nearly reversed there; at her current gig something like 70% of the labs are led by and staffed by women. The chauvinism that has kept women out of engineering never really took hold in biology.


I’m surprised when teachers like this are allowed to keep their teaching positions after expressing the view that [a certain group of people] shouldn’t be in classes or are “naturally bad” at that subject or the like. Because it certainly seems like every single student in that group would have ample cause to contest any bad grade given to them, which would make their position as an educator completely untenable. Yet not long ago, this was the norm.


I meant a hoot as in laughing in disbelief that this guy is teaching political science.

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I couldn’t make myself watch any of the videos, so not sure if this was included there, but found this little nugget of poison in an article:

“If every Nobel Prize winner is a man, that’s not a failure,” Scott Yenor said in an Oct. 31 speech. “It’s kind of a cause for celebration.”


This looks like fascism to me. Seriously, these folks don’t get it. Without actually murdering their opponents, they won’t get their way. They’re just trying to get state power to endorse their blood lust.


No, he can fuck right off. I’m not giving up my freedoms for dickheads like this.

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Because he’s a man. Men with degrees often believe that they are qualified to pontificate on anything and everything. It happens quite a lot with men in technical fields with regards to the soft sciences and humanities. :woman_shrugging:

Nope. Technical fields are STILL dominated by men and many women going through these programs have to run a gauntlet of misogynistic bullshit. Even TODAY.

We keep talking about the discrimination we face as women in everyday life, and men keep being shocked by the truth…

This shit is not just in “rural” parts of the country or in Trump country. It is in every single state in every single county, in every single city, in every single institution.

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And you KNOW he regularly discriminates against women in his classes, too.

Well, don’t challenge them! :wink:

No, still not too funny. Nope.

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Research professors collaborate with other people, and advise PhD students. Plenty of opportunities to train students to be misogynist pigs, and perpetuate this evil for yet another generation.


Women belong everywhere.

And the fact is, I’m kind of jealous of my friends who are stay-at-home-dads-- one guy had time to work on his oil painting while watching the kids, managed to turn it into a one-man show and sold a bunch of pieces.


And the problem with that? Well, according to the Yenor, independent working women are “more medicated, meddlesome, and quarrelsome than women need to be.”

A college professor who doesn’t even recognize “cause and effect”.

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Well, they’re digging up old fossils all the time…


Aww, Scott - don’t you worry your pretty little head about what women should or shouldn’t do.
They’re way ahead of you.


All this book-learnin’ is makin the women folk uppity and 'pinionated, and that is getting in the way of them getting in the kitchen to make me a sammich.


Fuck Off, Professor.