Watch Johnny Rotten get booted from Roseanne Barr talk show (1999)

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He’s very polite and reasonable, actually.
He clearly presents as someone not to be trifled with, but we never see him do anything even remotely objectionable.
That’s a much better clip than I expected.


God bless that man.

He is 100% right as he says he’ll be polite to Roseanne if she deserves it - a comment that sparks immediate terror in the minds of her staff. Also worth noting how he’s quite decent and polite to people he could easily mock - Anthony Michael Hall and Martin Short among the more famous ones, people working behind the scenes as other examples. Even in his eventual conflict with the staff he’s just direct.


I do agree that he was surprisingly polite – except upon seeing the cardboard cutout of her. It’s a much better view of him than I expect.

However, this was a video that he put out, so we’re only seeing one side.


I’ll happily take ten Johnny Rottens to one Roseanne Barr any day of the week.


I like Roseanne; it can be said she sort of paved the way for The Simpsons.

As for Johnny Rotten, I dunno… I thought he was being pretty pushy for a guest.
And he kinda sucked that time I saw the Pistols.

He is the anti-christ, by his own claim.

Man, I love that guy.


It seems his goal was to be kicked off the show… maybe he had something better to do than hang out at a studio that day?

There was a Roseanne Barr show?!


I don’t think he was at all… He was polite to everyone until the executive producer went back on the agreement they’d made. I have no idea how much Roseanne was involved in the decision to kick him off the show, but they seem in the wrong here… and I love her too, don’t get me wrong.


Here’s what happens when you don’t kick him off the show (at least initially)

Getting removed from Fantasy Football League must have taken a lot of effort, although after the Brigitte Nielsen episode a week earlier I don’t think anyone on the show wanted to take any chances.

Many years ago I took my Mom to see Johnny Mathis and Ms Barr was the opening act. She comes out with her gravelly voice “Men are such assholes” and so it went. From that single experience I judge everything she does. Fortunately Mr Mathis had a lovely voice and my Mom was happy to hear him.

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Hypocrisy suitably ridiculed.


I saw him when he fronted PIL, and he/they was/were great.

I’m thinking the Sex Pistols was not/were not* good because that kind of goes against what the group stood for?

*second verb agreement for my British cousins


I love him because he doesn’t suck up to inflated Hollywood egos and doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit. Go Johnny!

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Who thought that was a good combo?

It’s like the obviously-R-rated-movie trailer shown before a kids’ movie. Technically it’s modified so that it can be rated For All Audiences, but really, there were no other G- or PG-rated trailers to show instead?

Hmm? He seemed reasonable enough to me.


This is what I don’t get. You book Johnny Rotten for you tv show, you can’t then get upset when Johnny Rotten turns up to film your tv show.

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The hidden message in the video is that it’s the “nice” people who are always the problem. Also; mumble mumble frat boys and sorority girls mumble mumble.

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He was very off topic and wanted to smoke in the studio.

Having said that, he was supposed to represent England in a fantasy world cup competition. So being disappointing and going home early is kind of fitting.