Watch live as Christine Blasey Ford testifies at the Brett Kavanaugh hearing


Seriously doubt Huckleberry will stand by his pronouncement now.


Maybe not an axe murderer, but at this point, would anyone be surprised about an emerging dead sex worker story?


If it didn’t have such cool connotations, I’d want to call them the “purple haze” party.

Indeed. He sounded like almost every top of the heap, I peaked in HS playing lots of sports and being king of the playground type I’ve ever met.


The stunning thing here is that it is said that trying times reveal who we are. Trying times bring out the best and worst of us. Trying times reveal our inner self.

Brett Kavanaugh just showed us exactly who he is. He opened yesterday’s session with a tantrum. He displayed the exact same emotional range as a toddler pitching a fit. He raged and seethed, and lost control of his emotions. He displayed zero empathy for anyone save for himself, zero composure, zero compassion, zero restraint. When all else failed he blamed a swathing conspiracy, a “witch hunt”, and vowed revenge.

Brett Kavanaugh just showed everyone exactly who he is: A petulant child throwing a temper tantrum at the notion he isn’t going to get his way.


Jeff Flake’s friend in the Senate got emotional when he heard he’s voting yes

From CNN’s Sunlen Serfaty and Elizabeth Landers

Democratic Sen. Chris Coons was just informed of Sen. Jeff Flake’s intended yes vote as he was going into the Judiciary Committee.

His first response was: “Oh f–k”

He got very emotional and was silent for a few seconds. “I deeply respect…” he started. Then he paused.

“We each make choices for our own reason. I’m struggling, sorry.”

Flake is a fucking prick once again. Predictably.

Watch Flake get confronted while in an elevator. The prick can’t even look the women in the eyes.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?


Flake. What a spineless fuck.

I’ve been feeling sick over all of this for the last 24 hours, and it just keeps getting worse.


Well, if following in McCain’s footsteps is how Flake wants to leave the Senate, he’s doing it exactly as McCain would - talk like a “maverick,” vote with your shitty party. Every. Time.


They hate women?


Unfortunately while that may be true for some…it’s not the only truth there.

I suspect for the majority of them it is simply lack of empathy or care for others. Regardless of gender, religion, race, nationality, etc. They are their for their own gratification and sense of self worth. They will do anything to protect their own position.

This is why VOTING is the only way to stop this madness.

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I full well realize that Kavanaugh’s performance, people are going to see what they want to see. Reading the emotions and intents of other people is very subjective. And indeed people have seen genuine pain and frustration in it, some people have seen emotional immaturity.

That said, I thought it was a half assed performance. Unconvincing tears, unconvincing anger. A show he had to put on to get his dream job, and one that had the feel of something that was rehearsed in a mirror.


So, he wasn’t swayed by uncontrollable emotion, but rather made a conscious decision to throw a temper tantrum.

Is that better or worse?


I was suspecting he’s been doing that regularly throughout his life.

But then I realized that it’s very likely that like Trump and other entitled shits, he’s so used to lying that he long ago stopped needing to rehearse.


Congratulations, you gutless coward. Your legacy will be a prominent footnote entry in the history of the destruction of liberal democracy and justice in the U.S.


for some reason I misread this as “for the last 24 years,” but it still made sense


Boy, just look at all the new friends Kavanaugh has been making this week.


Graham: This is not a job interview.

The fuck it isn’t. Somebody should ask Graham just what the hell he thinks this is, then.


That’ll be Jordaddy’s cue to weigh in on the unfairness of it all.


The problem is that Democrats don’t have a majority, and Manchin leaning toward voting to confirm Kavanaugh just lends cover to the couple of Republicans who might be wavering, because a “yea” vote from a Democrat means one more Republican has to turn on their party to block it. Backstabbing bluedoggery actively undermines Democrats’ ability to extract anything from Republicans in situations like this.