Watch: Local paper spreads cheer handing out free joints in Michigan when recreational weed becomes legal


They all had to take it home - it ain’t legal to light up on the street here in MI!


Staff at the paper found a neat way to offload the inferior – and going bad – ‘Sour Diesel’ jamming up their desks and replace it with oh-so-sweet ‘Bubba Kush’.


So I’m lookin’ at that dog and I’m “hearing”, Bffff! Bfff!


Microdosing has changed my life for the better in a substantial way - it has been an effective anti-anxiety in a way that has been different than any prescription I’ve tried. My wife constantly asks me (at my request) “have you smoked?” because I am a better person and a much better adult because of it.


“Would you care for a joint?”
“No, we’re all set, man,” said the guy pushing orange tote boxes filled with legal cannabis.

My last trip to the Bay Area to see a rock concert, and I wasn’t surprised that everyone at the concert was lighting up, but taking the BART back around town later that night and EVERYONE was vaping cannabis. On the BART. Then this kid gets on, whips out a huge blunt, and lights up, passes it around to his buddies and it filled the train car with smoke.

Then walking around the streets in downtown S.F. and there are just huge clouds of reefer smoke. And the cops really don’t seem to care.




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