Watch: Local paper spreads cheer handing out free joints in Michigan when recreational weed becomes legal


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BRB driving to Michigan.




I wanna be friends with the very excited 3rd lady.

Then again, with my asthma, it’s becoming very difficult to smoke. I’d have wished he’d had some edibles.


Way to drum up a story by a newspaper. Newspapers are supposed to report on stories, not put themselves out there and make what they are doing the story. The thing about Michigan’s marijuana legalization is it has been low key in many ways. First, the campaign to legalize it was low key, there were not huge protest for the legalization. When it became legal Thursday, everything was pretty much the same in the state. Legalization in Michigan wasn’t and isn’t perceived as a big deal by many, just as the natural progression of the country. As a supporter of legalization I think this is a good thing because it makes this plant, when used in a responsible way, something that will benefit lives and not cause more strife, further paving the way for more legalization across the US. I’m glad it’s legalized, but I’m not glad that this publicity stunt was done by a newspaper, which should know better.


I haven’t smoked reefer in 17 years. No particular objection, it just isn’t my thing. But if someone handed me a doobie on the street, I’m pretty sure I’d light it up.


I’m the same, but have come across strains in the past that have not turned me into an introverted paranoid puddle on the floor. So am really hoping that down here in New Zealand we get full legalisation soon… That way I may be able to reliably get the escape from realty I need from time to time.


I really like that first wave of giddiness, but then it always sort of morphs into incoherence. Not unlike my view of alcohol – it’s not the being buzzed I like, it’s the getting buzzed – that marginal change between 0 and 1, or 1 and 2. That feeling is the best. If I could go 0 - 1 - 2 beers worth of buzzed and then drop back to 0, I’d never ever stop.


So what you’re saying is that you’re disappointed?




Or more clueless on how local alternative weekly papers do their thing.


That’s what I mean, guy.




How come you’re talking to yourself?


Forgot to switch to a sock-puppet?


I’m a regular smoker but I wouldn’t light up on the street, feels about as classy as stumbling along drunk to me. I’d take whatever they were offering, but just take it home.


I hadn’t thought about that so much but I think I may be similar with alcohol, I enjoy drinking but not being drunk. It always tends to end up being one drink over where I want to be and then if I stop I just start fealing lethargic and run out of energy for the situation.


I know, stumbling drunk rocks!




I think he is confusing “newspapers” with “journalism” which is just one of the things newspapers do.


One word: microdosing.