Watch man with lint roller "scan" people walking into a building.

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why would anyone ask questions? I’ll take a free lint rolling any day thank you


Admit it, at least several of you are planning to do this. I am.



You can have my lint when you roll it from my cold, dead wool jacket.


It’s necessary to let people go in with a cheery: ‘and you’re clean’.


To one-up the joke, cheerfully let him lint-scan you, then whip out your own lint-roller and scan him.


When I had a cat, this guy would’ve had a hard time getting rid of me! :rofl:


In my experience, I see a lot of stupid bullshit happening in the world around me, and stopping to make a scene or argue or question is more trouble than it’s worth. How many of these people are complying because they think it’s a legit security procedure? And how many are complying because it’s just easier to let this guy use a lint roller for a few seconds and get past? Stopping to argue would only delay entry and might inconvenience others who feel pressured into queuing up behind.


Yeah, that. I would probably either think it’s someone’s art piece and go along with it to help them out, or think the person may be a bit unhinged and go along with it to not risk possibly upsetting them. In either case I don’t imagine I’d be able to keep from laughing at the absurdity of it, though, LOL

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I just read the headline, for some reason I thought he was literally scanning people with some sort of reader that could scan credit card chips disguised as a lint roller.

I’ll bet a lot of those people knew the person and knew he was harmless, if I knew that I would play along, if I didn’t know that I would have asked someone else entering the building or asked at the front desk.

I don’t mind harmless people doing their thing once I know they’re harmless. I would probablly even talk to him and bring him a coffee once I knew he was a regular.

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