Watch: Maskless man pushed off a train by angry passengers

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There was always the chance that he was someone who couldn’t wear a mask or even a bandana for legit reasons, but too many asshats have poisoned that well already.


He might be a culo, he might be a pendejo, but he is definitely caminando.


I have yet to hear of a single instance where someone who was physically capable of walking upright without assistance was unable to wear a paper mask for any medical reason.


Yes, but I’m just sad that it can no longer be taken on trust. I was also thinking “he sure doesn’t look like he can’t wear a mask”, which is a trap that I’d normally avoid.


I approve of this message.


I once saw a young Spanish man ejected from a London tube by a tiny young Scottish woman.

The English way at the time was to allow the passengers disembarking the train to leave before boarding the train themselves. This may still be the custom. I don’t know for sure.

The tube doors slid wide with a pneumatic hiss-thud, but before anyone had a chance to exit, the opening was rushed by a group of Spanish students intent on boarding. The wee Scottish lass reached out her hand, tiny fingers splayed wide across the sternum of the leading student, stopping the young Spaniard in his tracks.

With a fearsome clarity, she cried - “Late th’ peepole oaf th’ train, FIRST!”

Her fingers twitched and Highlander blue lighting shot through the young man, catapulting him into the curved tiled wall of the tube station as all the other Spanish students struggled to make way. The passengers disembarking the train let out a cry of victory and followed their diminutive heroine out in to central London…

It was a long time ago, but I’m pretty sure that was how it happened.


True, in fact my respiratory issues are the reason I do wear a mask when out in public. The last thing my lungs need are COVID. In the middle of the pandemic there was a lady at my gym who never wore a mask. One day I approached and offered her a mask and she refused because she said she had asthma. I would think that someone in her situation would take any steps necessary to avoid COVID.


Adios ahole.


A a Spaniard myself I am ASTONISHED at how incredible tame and polite the passengers were.
Not a single “Me cago en tu puta madre”, nor “Que te vayas fuera, carajo”, “A tomar por culo” or “Enga ya a mamarla, gilipollas”.
Astonished, I tell you!


I’ve known Scottish women; you got it exactly right.


This is the honest truth. When I get parents asking me to write a letter excusing their kids from making due to “really bad asthma” or whatever, I always reply that this is exactly why they must wear a mask, and refuse to write anything. Not popular, but I am a cantankerous old cuss.


No, you are OUR cantankerous old cuss!


And I thank’ye, young lady, but in all seriousness, I am senior enough to not have to worry aobut pissing people off too much. A lot of more junior providers don’t have that security and can be bullied into doing stupid stuff like that. We have our Karen’s as well…


As a fellow Boomer, I understand all too well that we have a responsibility to use our seniority and our life experience to stand up for things that younger people with more vulnerabilities can’t openly take on.


For some reason it is very often able bodied young men who are just that fucking frail and special they can’t deal with wearing a mask. The poor dears.


Thank you for that. He gets a pass. But that’s still 1 case out of 330,000,000 Americans. It doesn’t justify how often the excuse is used.


Back in the 1980s at the World Trade Center PATH station I saw a young man attempting to enter knocked down by the crowd emerging from a train.


I don’t know about it being the English way, but for most modes of public transit that I’ve used, it is customary for people to get off the train/bus/streetcar/whatever before people get on. That way, the people getting on can occupy the space vacated by those who have disembarked. Otherwise, you just end up with a scrum. Seems like commonsense. On the local buses, the drivers will actually stop people from getting on until the people disembarking have done so, and they can get downright savage about it.

Of course, there are always the random me-Me-ME-FIRST people.