Grown Caucasian woman throws tantrum on train in Taiwan when asked to wear a mask

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Not sending our best or brightest I see.

Just to make things extra clear for anyone that feels the need to find an excuse for her behavior:

The woman acted as if she would have no problem following the rules if she had been asked in a specific way. But SETN reports that people in Taiwan immediately recognized the woman as a foreigner working in Taichung as an English teacher—and say that she’s caused trouble like this before.


Lud. For anyone claiming that the white “race” in any way supreme, we sure have a lot of video evidence to the contrary.
I’m glad everyone else remained so polite and reasonable. It put her screaming tantrum into stark contrast.


I believe the term coined by Michael Harriott is “Caucasity”


Good grief. I’ve been to Taiwan–all around the island–and they were the friendliest people I’ve met. I’m sorry this has happened.


I’m curious… How does wearing a mask backwards make it ineffective or less effective?

I’m not defending this Karen! If someone said to me, “Hey! You’re wearing your mask backwards and putting us all at risk!” I’d check my mask out. The temp ones, like this woman was wearing, obviously have a “right” and “wrong” side. Flip mask, easy-peasy!

Most of the masks I wear, I sewed myself, and there’s no “right” or “wrong” side to them - just two layers of cotton fabric sewn together with pleats.

Even so, how hard is it to just do with your mask what makes your fellow passengers comfortable?


Too much “white whine”, Karen needs a nappy nap time.


I’m guessing the flow of air through the filter is not symmetric.

I went to the doctor last week and put on the mask they required everyone to put on. Apparently I put it on backward. They very quickly stopped me and made me reverse it before I could go into the waiting room. I manage to do so without any crying or screaming. :rofl: :icecream:


It looked to me like she might be wearing it upside down, and that’s why it wouldn’t stay over her nose, and that’s why they were saying it wasn’t working to protect them.


I mean, she shouldn’t have to be asked to follow a known rule like “wear your mask in public transport.” That she repeatedly causes problems is a whole added issue…

She appears to also be wearing the mask upside down, which seems like the real issue. It’s covering her chin but not her nose.


She has it on upside down, so the metal nose bridge strip is on her chin. This makes it impossible to create a seal around the face (I often see people who haven’t pinched the nose bridge strip - this also keeps it from drooping down below the nose). I think it’s a bit silly to confront someone for wearing it wrong though. Maybe mention they have it on upside down to educate the person (the first time I put on a mask 8 months ago someone said that to me). But making a big deal of it is a bit much.


I found the theme music to the video…

You’re welcome!


I’m not going to start something with anyone if I see them wearing their mask wrong, but it seems an unfair description of what apparently happened here. The woman was allegedly wearing her mask upside down, fell asleep, and it slipped off. She was coughing. The woman seated beside her asked for someone to have the woman put her mask on.
The other passenger is not the one who made this into a big deal.


But making a big deal of it is a bit much.

This would be true if it were only a ritual observance, but in this case it’s protective gear designed to save lives. How can it be OK to ignore someone putting others at risk for frivolous reasons?


I did not notice that, thanks!

My homemade masks don’t have a nose bridge strip, so I wasn’t on the lookout for that.


When I was visiting my dad in the hospital last summer you’d be given a new mask if you managed to put the first one on incorrectly (outside masks were not permitted).


PAPASAN! It’s great to see you. Welcome back. I’ve missed your posts. :champagne:


Taiwan has managed 872 cases so far, or about 37 cases per million. Being sticklers about masks is one reason they have made out so well.

When you ask someone to mask properly in America, you risk getting shot.


Hey man! Hope the time away chilling has been good to you. I’m humming MacArthur Park, right now!


I’m not saying they weren’t justified in kicking her off if she refused to wear it, or it wasn’t right to tell her to put it on if it slipped off. I’m just saying in general if someone is walking around with a mask on upside down I’m not going to make a big deal of it. Tell them it’s upside down and move on. Gotta pick your battles.