Watch: Metal pieces peel off Alaska Airlines plane during flight — makes emergency landing

just shredding…

but will you be deported…

What, none of you have ever seen a plane moulting?


(Couldn’t find a brutal version of this song.)

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“Was that the primary buffer panel? Did the primary buffer panel just fall off my gorram ship?”

But that was in the beginning.

Happens again at the end, a different part falls off and he says “what was that?” then fade to black.

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I can’t answer your questions, but I’ve got two tidbits, both illustrated by this video:

  • the thrust reversers were probably used during stopping, which would explain why things tore off upon landing. (if they weren’t used, then my second guess is that air flow is going to be a lot messier near the runway than in the air)
  • that front cowl is just a cover for the control parts… its made to open easily and looks like it’s just bolted on the underside… so not screwed in overly well.
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