Watch: Mitt Romney loudly booed by angry GQP mob

I’d just like to point out the triple redundancy in the phrase “angry GQP mob.”


Doesn’t mean you are entitled {or even qualified} for any other office… some of us remember how you made your millions…

Except for the part about getting rich via Vulture Capitalism…

Well, he is a face of the Republican party. They have lots to choose from.
None of 'em good.

He doesn’t seem to lie as much. Otherwise, he just has better manners.

True that, & true of most of the Fascists.
Maybe yours are different, but I live in Texas, so…

You forgot Ted Cruz.
Yeah, I know.


I keep reading this headline as “Mitt Romney loudly boobed by angry mob”. I’d be more interested in that.

The GOP’s problem with wingnut entryists isn’t news, and it won’t be interesting until / if it reaches a new stage. It might seem like they have a crisis where the baying populists are in conflict with the establishment, but as far as I can see, this is a steady state – there is always a new wave of crazies “overturning” the old order, but as fast as the crazies get candidates elected, those candidates become the establishment.

A lot of the “mainstream” Republicans today were tea-party wackjobs just a few years ago, or Moral Majority nutbars before that, or hardcore Southern Strategy racists before that. Because none of them have any real politics beyond angry shouting, it takes about 30 seconds for them to be coöpted by the machinery once they’re elected, and their voters either keep voting for them on cruise control, or move on to the next psycho.

The GOP as a whole doesn’t fear new fanatical movements. What would worry them, I think, is if their voters started to focus on details and demand progress on specific promises from four or eight years ago. But people like that probably don’t become Republican voters in the first place.

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