WATCH: moron vs metal gate




I can’t stop laughing!


He should have worn a shirt.


a metaphor for all things *gate


Now I can try to type the word “comeuppance.” Well, there you go!


That was so beautiful, that it had to have been planned and choreographed.


As in don’t mess with n-gate ???


RWD > FWD. Fact.


“Brought to you by Alcohol.”


I have living memory of the original *gate…

…that’s Watergate for you youngsters…

…and I welcome the notion that this video might possibly spell the death of “gate” as a suffix meaning “scandal.”


It totally works with Yakety Sax…


Is Godard editing Fail videos now?


Imagine being one of the security guards who found the upside-down car and getting to be the first to review the tape to figure out what the hell happened.


That person gets to say for the next full month:

“I have a good job!”


I actually wouldn’t mind being a security guard, as I like skiving, reading and drinking tea.


Maybe he just doesn’t know how doors work? I note that he gets in and out of the car through the window.


After seeing the rear end lift up twice, they were totally not expecting the car to flip right over when he revved it up for that final burst. And the guy sitting in the background? If you have to be directly behind the chavmobile, at least be standing and ready to jump out of the way.

As they look upon their upturned car, I wonder who they blame for all this? (Not themselves, of course.)


its when the gate strikes the pedestrian… as @p96 said, alcohol.


Always. I think they just forgot to add it this time.


Did no one else the ‘shirtless driver’ seamlessly became two people? We were too busy laughing to consciously acknowledge this horrible glitch in reality. I’m fnord freaking out.