Watch MTV's 1986 rockumentary about Van Halen

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Here Eddie looks and talks like Henry Hill. Probably had similar, um, habits at this point.


The best part of this was the couple of minutes on the front end of Martha Quinn. Loved her, she was always my favorite Vjay.



Classic Vjay days!!!


martha quinn was the BEST. <3


Alright, I’m not down with the toxic masculinity rightly pointed out in the rest of the critique but I do stand by the value of this:

a bunch of men’s stubborn refusal to grow-up

For as noted by the famed philosopher John Cougar Mellencamp, “Growin’ up leads to growin’ old and then to dyin’, and dyin’ to me don’t sound like that much fun”.


Separately from everything else, Roth appears to have been a clinical narcissist and I’m sure working with him was really difficult. And I’m sure Hagar is an easier human to be with, and has even created better music on his own than Roth has on his own.

But the Van Halen with Roth remains their best. I’m sure this is not a controversial opinion.


Is it extra manly to suck so hard?

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One of my favorite concerts during my high school years was seeing Sammy Hagar, pre-Van Halen. He really was fun and was a gifted musician. It’s pretty great to see them rocking out in this video to his 1981 ‘One Way to Rock’. It made me wonder how that must have felt for him, performing that with the best guitarist in rock. Oh and I had a huge crush on Sammy too…
I get the criticism that’s expressed in the Radiolab piece but, hey I enjoyed the video.


sounds like they finally found their man with Sammy Hagar. A match for the decades to come.


I went to this concert in Vancouver. I remember not being very impressed with Sammy Hagar and my brother and I actually left before the last encore. I also remember Eddie Van Halen sitting in a chair playing Eruption and someone threw a shoe at him and hit the guitar. He definitely was not faking the solo as the guitar went “thunk” and he was pretty pissed. He stopped playing and angerly threw the shoe back into the crowd, while the fans beat the crap out of the guy who threw the shoe. Good times.


One might query, for whom?


Maybe it’s mentioned in the video, but for those (like me) who didn’t watch it, I’d like to mention that Patty Smyth of Scandal (“The Warrior”, “Love’s Got a Line On You”) was tapped as Roth replacement but didn’t want to move. I wonder what that would have been like.


I saw him when he opened for Boston in ‘78.

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