Watch Paige Alms and other surfing greats tackle insane Hawaiian winter surf


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Would “nearly nonexistent” be the same as “not nonexistent?”

That is definitely the most interesting thing about this post, right?

Loved the footage, it’s amazing.

Well I’m not qualified to comment on the surfing, but at least I can be a smartass about the grammar.

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~8500 instances in academic papers and ~19000 in books, so it’s nearly non-noteworthy. I liked the alliteration, and I’d think a pedant would know that “nearly” and “not” aren’t synonyms. The worst you can say is the phrase is nearly incorrect, but it’s definitely not incorrect.


So pitted.

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Also. Gnarly waves.

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Oh hellz yeah…

Can’t see a surf video without going back and rewatching the intro cut to the Billabong Odyssey - Mike Parsons on a 60ft wave.

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