Watch 'Pee-wee's Playhouse' for 24 hours straight this Thanksgiving


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Turkey day is for MST3K. Accept no substitutions.


Thanks for tbe IG tip.


This is meant as a punishment?


Independent FILM Channel? No respect for the channel’s origin.

I’m gonna watch Pawn Stars and Ancient Aliens on the History Channel instead :stuck_out_tongue:


Miss Yvonne, excuse my stare,
But you have got the biggest hair!


I just recently discovered “Food Party”, also from IFC. Not dissimilar flavor.


For those of us who ‘grew up’ with it (and who agree that the Pee Wee Christmas Special is a holiday treasure), 24 hours of Pee Wee’s Playhouse is a gift. One of the most creative kid’s shows to make it to TV.


Yeah, he’s just a little after my time, but he’s brilliant. Still, 24 hours?


Now this is something to be thankful for!


I’m a big fan of Pee Wee. I built a replica of his bike from “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”. It’s a 1953 Schwinn DX (same as the one in the movie) with lots of customization.


It’s my understanding that the MST3K marathon is on Sunday… with the new episodes coming out on Thanksgiving.


Wow, that’s a labor of love!


This is true! They moved the Turkey Day Marathon to this weekend. Six new episodes come out on Thanksgiving itself.

The new season will be…
• Mac & Me (!!)
• Atlantic Rim (a terrible Pacific Rim rip-off)
• Lords of the Deep
• The Day Time Ended
• Killer Fish
• Ator, the Fighting Eagle


Oh man, Mac and Me is TOTAL TRASH lol… and speaking of TRASH, do you remember the Glad trash bag movie called Million Dollar Mystery that came out in the eighties? I was working at a local movie theatre when BOTH of them came out.


That may be the plan for the crew over at Shoutcast but I still have plenty of tapes and DVDs to give me more than 24 hours of MST3K :slight_smile:


you do you :wink:


Just look at this banana GIF:


Now I can’t stop looking at it!



Actually, I won’t cause I ain’t got cable, but this is still awesome… hopefully some kids can stumble onto it and enjoy! I’d have to say this, along with Ren and Stimpy helped cultivate a certainly love of campy weirdness that has stuck with me to this day.