Watch people from different countries count paper money in myriad ways

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the germaphobe in me is appalled by the number of them that licked their fingers.


This video is over ten years old and much more informative.
And this video is much more fun to watch.




story time…

so we do a yankee swap (white elephant) with friends for Christmas every year. We do the normal pick a number. When its your turn open a new gift or take one that’s open already…last person gets their pick of the lot. Most of the time the gifts are useless crap as the rule is “bring something that is in your house that you don’t want anymore”. There have been brand new spare coffee carafes, brand new floor mats for cars long gone, horridly ugly picture frames still in original packaging…you get the idea.

One of our friends parents own a maple syrup farm…so she had a large mason jar of fresh home made maple syrup and she put it in. Every now and then there is a gem item like this. And I got it…with 2 people left to pick. Of course the person after me (John) looks right at me and says “Don’t get comfortable holding that.” this was the exchange…

Me: I know you want to take this. but for now it’s mine right?
J: Huh? Yes, it’s yours now, but in 30 seconds it will be mine!
Me: So we have established this is MY maple syrup as of this moment.
J: I don’t understand why you’re saying this…but sure it’s yours.
Me: unscrews cap and licks the surface of the syrup Well, buddy, it’s yours if you still want it. :slight_smile:
Everyone: HAHAHAH
One person: Oh my god that was classic!
My Spouse: That’s my husband, doing what it takes to secure things for his family!


I thought this was going to show genuine different ways people count money, which i have seen before in other videos… this particular one does show a few but the majority is just the same two or three ways of counting with some alternate ones sprinkled in. I find some of the alternate ways of counting really fascinating, as @etwas points out there are some videos that are more informative.

I have never seen people in Japan counting money like that. If you go to a bank they do it like this, which is much more interesting.

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I’d be okay with that. Syrup like that is so concentrated that it’s antibiotic. :slight_smile:

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Most of these methods fail with polymer currency, which has a tendency to bounce back into the shape it’s held for a while. I have a roll of fives in my jar here that I counted just now, and tried not to overthink it. I bend them down the long axis in my palm to cancel out the curl, then slide them upwards to count, pressing and sliding each one to make sure they’re not stuck together.

“Count… money…” English words, but it doesn’t seem to make sense as a phrase. What is there to count, exactly? I put my bank card in the machine and it tells me how much money I’ve got. And what does that have to do with those bits of green paper?


70 countries? Scotland and the UK? Hello Conde Naste! Scotland is part of the UK.

The Indian woman is an amateur.

+1 pedant point for using myriad correctly.

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That ‘horizontal counting’ method is to me the most elegant. I generally count by putting things into stacks of five. That way if I lose count it is easy to regain. This method also is a good way of allowing others to follow along and have some confidence in the count.

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