Watch: “Rick Perry's Presidential Announcement (short version)”

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I miss Governor Goodhair. He was always good for a laugh

Does anyone know the story on the angry twins glowering behind him? I am fascinated by them.


I was enraptured by his wit and wisdom, or shall I say the lack of it…

Those two Bubbas are tasked with hitting Perry with a “stupid stick” if he by chance utters anything remotely intelligent.


was he dog whistling,there?


Excellent job of surfacing all sorts of creepy subtext. Including, yes, dog whistles.


Checked out the orignal video (28 freaking minutes!).I can confirm two things:

  1. He did open and close his speech with the triumphalist southern rock theme song.

  2. He really was that sweaty.


That was a great parody video of Rick Perry’s speech, but seriously where is the real version?

(does quick Google search)

(OMG, that was the real speech)

(sound of stool being kicked over)


Why is dabbing your face with a hanky whilst on camera considered an ooooltimate sin?

Far preferable to just pour sweat into your eyes and mouth.


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Wait, was that the mayor of Cormorant looking all adoring at Perry?!? What’s going on here?

Are they really gonna use that C-130 behind the stage? I mean, it’d be cool and all to show up in such an aircraft, and seating wouldn’t be a problem, but it is a touch on the slow side…

They’re Marcus and Morgan Luttrel, twin brothers and US Navy SEALs.

It’s the press plane. Designed to keep the liberal media too nauseated to practice gotcha journalism.


Well, thanks for the info. The way they scowled and scanned the crowd, they came across like movie-supervillain enforcers, like Rick Perry was announcing his plan to sell Metropolis to a race of Mole People and they were there to make sure nobody got any smart ideas.


“our economy is barely growing.”

Ignoring all the weirdness-via-editing, that quote says an awful lot. He is tacitly admitting that the economy is doing OK, but then implying things would be still better if he were in the White House. The GOP loves that ploy, it’s like when the game show host tries to get you to trade the new car and Hawaiian vacation for “whatever is in this box!”

Because it wasn’t enough having all white males on the podium to represent the diversity of his campaign outreach, it had to be the same white male. (In his defense, the campaign did seek out triplets, without success, oops)

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