Watch Sally Yates hand Ted Cruz his ass

Cruz and Cornyn needed a trigger warning, Yates gave them Ann Richards flashbacks.

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You must remember that Sally Yates got to her position through her intelligence, her moral character and her hard work. Cruz got to his by selling hate to a bunch of bigots.


god nobody here commenting gets it. Nor do you realize what she really said in her rebuttal. She knew she conducting a firing offense. Everyone in there did. She even knows it. Anything she’s saying at this point is to tribute to her future political ambitions. Aka nothing she said disputes her offense. Did every single one of you miss that? Handing Ted Cruz his ass? I’m pretty sure he accomplished pointing out that she refused to enforce policy that she did not have the power to do. Her response in appealing to future liberals was her goal there. Jesus you people need to listen better.

She knew upholding her oath of office was more important than keeping her job.

She refused to enforce a policy she believed to be unconstitutional. The courts have vindicated that view. You do realize “I was only following orders” isn’t a legal or moral justification in these circumstances, right?

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(Excerpt from Yates’ 2015 confirmation hearings)

Senator Jeff Sessions: Do you think the attorney general has a responsibility to say no to the president if he asks for something that’s improper?

Sally Yates: Senator, I believe that the attorney general or the deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and the Constitution, and to give their independent legal advice to the president.


Aaannnnndd another info blog bites the dust. Boing-boing used to be about things. Now it’s BuzzFeed-lite.

By the way, anyone who thinks US Code 1182 is “arcane” is one. injudicious. individual.

And you’re just the one to help us understand what’s really being said!

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Stick around, read a few other threads, make some more comments telling us how it really is, set all of us liberals-with-poor-listening-skills straight :wink:


If you’re going to make blanket nonsense statements, perhaps you should qualify them?

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Wow, this thread has really brought the alt-right defenders out of the woodwork :grey_exclamation:


Yates hit the regime and its GOP enablers on multiple fronts: immigration, Russian influence, a woman calmly embarrassing conservative men. Apparently, it was enough to get the alt-right’s flying monkeys despatched throughout the MSM and liberal and progressive environs of the Web.

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Lets please keep this discussion on-topic, not derail into discussions of drive-by trolls (who almost certainly would love to see the discussion be about them instead). :slight_smile:


Finally watched the video. Who he hell claimed Ted Cruz held his ground? He was completely decimated on all fronts. Not only did she out cote him on laws, but she also established the president of law better, and even crushed his last second zinger after she interrupted her because he knew he was losing.


Someone shoulda’ outta’ told Teddy that you can only fit so many “facts” in a cherry-picker.


oh Texas politics… I just wish someone would give us a Barbara Jordan flashback.
(and I loved Ann… actually met her, lloyd, and chet a few times at parties at my grandparent’s house… and my Pa tended to vote Republican. he really liked Chet but my Granny found his children to be a tad obnoxious)

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Her Wiki page says her Georgia state party is grooming her for a race for Governor. I’d rather see her back to back with Warren in the senate. Forget Wonderwoman, we’d have two REAL female crimefighting superheroes.


I do miss Ann…


Yates 4 SCOTUS 2021