Watch: SUV crashes through gym and shoves a treadmill – with a man on it – across the room

In my state, you get ticketed for not wearing shoes while driving.

When cops arrived on the scene she was not taken into custody and was not charged.

The pic also confirms another theory I have…


Well, really we shouldn’t hassle the nice lady. The poor thing may have dented her Mercedes.


No you don’t. It is legal in all 50 states to drive barefoot.


And my “brakes failed”, they meant “I hit the gas instead of the brakes”.


I immediately thought of people in my motorcycle classes who would talk about how they “laid it down” to avoid a crash.

Someone got a nat 20 on their dodge roll.


it’s not a matter of “is it legal to drive barefoot” it is a matter of “you get a ticket anyway”. There may not be a specific law for barefoot driving but there also doesn’t seem to be any specific allowances for it either. If the cop thinks driving barefoot is willful disregard for the safety of others, he’ll issue the citation. If the judge agrees, you pay the fine. Good law? Nope. What can actually happen? Yup.
TX TRANSP § 545.401. Reckless Driving

Maybe that’s what saved him too???

Did her brakes fail, or was one of her shoes under the brake pedal? I guess we will never know.

I’ve had a water bottle roll from the floor in the back seat and end up under my brake pedal before. Luckily I was able to kick it aside until I was able to stop and get rid of it.

Why are airbags not fitted to treadmills?

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That’s because, like nearly all “brake failure” cases, the driver likely had their foot on the accelerator pedal instead of the brakes.


Wellllllll… it’s not all that unreasonable. I can’t find anything in the article about a sobriety test either way, but I suspect there were some questions asked.

Also, “no charges” means “no charges right now.” It’s quite common in vehicular accidents, especially the more “interesting” ones like this, for reckless driving or the like to be charged after the investigation is concluded. I ain’t saying that she wouldn’t have been arrested if she’d been a dark-skinned teenager driving a beater, but not arresting her on the spot was probably the right call.

Bottom line, in a world that includes insanely dangerous things like cars, accidents will happen without criminal liability.

But don’t let me dissuade you from getting a Mercedes!

Exactly my point. If she had been black (while driving)….

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Yes, the brakes failed…

to understand that she meant to step on them.

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