Watch the epic blaxploitation flick "Trouble Man" in its entirety

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Even If you don’t watch Trouble Man, have a listen to the soundtrack album by Marvin Gaye, it’s a great demonstration of his talent!


Trouble Man is good, but??? BLACULA!
or -
Three the Hard Way
Human Tornado
TNT Jackson
Velvet Smooth

there are so many AWESOME flicks.
(i was a child of the 70s… my pals took me to all the shows)
one little jewish kid in a theater FULL of soul? Saturdays were AWESOME


Jefferson Twilight: Yes, I only hunt blaculas.

Guild Candidate : Oh, so you only hunt African-American vampires?

Jefferson Twilight : No, sometimes I hunt British vampires. They don’t have “African Americans” in England!

Also, Jefferson Twilight should get his own series in my book.

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As an aside, if you’re into cult and 'sploitation film, you can hardly beat for free cult films/documentaries/etc.

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came here for this. this second Dolomite flick really worked the bugs out after the first installment. Rudy Ray Moore’s finest work, imo.

never seen Trouble Man but have had the soundtrack in the crates since the 90s, it has a sweet fold-out and contains one of the greatest downtempo beats of all time, “T Plays it Cool” (also compiled on the Ultimate Breaks and Beats series)


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