Watch this great 60s biker movie with modern actors and effects digitally added

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This is awesome and a testament to how well consumer electronics can allow a few creative hard-working folks to edit some incredible entertainment. Kudos to these guys and thanks for this link.

In a similar vein I always loved Firesign Theater’s J-Men Forever and the supervillain with the greatest voice of all time.


Pretty amusing remix of an old movie with new footage, reminds me a lot of Kung Pow. Would love to see more of this :smiley:


I love Chris Fairbanks.


That was pretty freakin’ excellent.

I loved this on Night Flight! And I love the Firesign Theater. Never knew it was the same people.

Edited for tense.

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I like the bit of Harryhausen (Gwangi) tucked in there at the end. And was that Galaxy Quest clapping during the satanic ritual?

Wow, in your little synopsis you gave credit to everyone except Henry Philips…SHAME ON YOU!

“… I quit. I guess I already said that.”



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