Watch the "Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults" VHS from 1994

Waiting for the Satanic guide to Law Enforcement Cults. Only a matter of time.


You either read my mind a minute ago or I read yours 10 minutes ago. Either way… Hail Satan!


I’ll just leave this here…

You, too, can leave the folks in your local university interlibrary loan office with so…many…questions.


I KNEW I recognized some of the screen caps. Thanks.

Many of those crimes have ritualistic overtones, but they’re hard to find… which is why we invent them! (Reading Christian fundamentalist literature, they would claim that any symbol that wasn’t currently in use in mainstream fundamental protestantism was “Satanic.” All of it, every tradition, even symbols that weren’t about religion, e.g. the “peace” symbol, became “Satanic” in their eyes.)

It’s amazing how much the cops in the '80s and '90s ate up this total bullshit. One wonders what kind of bullshit they’re eating up now, which will end up with innocent people behind bars or dead. (I know there’s a bunch related to “antifa,” at least.)

Also, I’m wondering how much of the graffiti was put in that park by the guy giving the tour. Some of it could have been left by edgy teens, but it’s all a bit convenient and theologically incoherent. I mean, someone doing a pseudo-Voodoo vévé with a reverse pentagram and then writing “set” as well?

Yep, that’s the vast majority of the images, with the rest of the images totally unrelated to the subject at hand (ooh a mummy, oooh a scary mask, oooh a cave painting from the fucking paleolithic era…). Which makes sense, as the thing they’re talking about doesn’t exist, so there’s no relevant imagery to draw from. The “Satanism” they’re talking about is really “reverse Christianity,” where someone accepts all the beliefs of Christianity and then decides to throw their lot in with the losing side so they can be tortured for eternity, for some reason. Since that’s not something accepted by anyone besides desperately edgy teenagers and the mentally ill, and doesn’t exist as an actual organized religion with its own imagery, they have to fall back on the Christian fantasies of what it would be like if it did exist and, ironically, imagery of actual Christian traditions and history which they’ve mistaken for Satanism. And there’s always a certain amount of projection - “Satanists” are supposed to do… the things Christians have actually done. (The mistaking of Christian mysticism for Satanism in particular always amuses me.)


Middle school textbooks (minus the homosexuality) in Western Germany featured warnings about satanists, Heavy Metal bands as gateway drug, and drug abuse as an outcome since at least the 1980s.

I remember LMAO at the haplessness.

The same time period saw chain-mail like parent scares about LSD blotters given to kids in the schoolyards.

I vividly remember deciding I never wanted to be a teacher so I would not need to deal with this sort of crap.


Though, I hope, it made you fond of heavy metal and LSD.


I wouldn’t touch the latter, but yeah, I banged my head for quite a while. Stopped, though. For various reasons, none related to either drugs, or satanism.

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Ah yes, the great Satanic Panic in the bygone days of the 1980s. Thank goodness people came to their senses and we no longer have vast swaths of society believing and perpetuating loony theories about child-abusing satanists!


There’s a straight up throughline for this nonsense from the middle ages blood libel through this mook to modern QAnon:

Pryor “even hinted that Freemasons were part of this occult criminal underworld, claiming his temple had been located inside a Masonic hall (as we know, it was located only in his apartment). He said Satanists commit ritual sacrifices several times a year, breed babies for sacrifice and sale, abduct teenagers, and provide young children to pedophiles.”

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I came back to this and started watching more of it.

I imagine this would be very fun to watch while stoned.

ETA: With background music featuring Venom, Ghost B.C., others.


What was with the 80’s and “drug education” where “pushers” randomly target kids by giving them free drugs.

I have never once been offered free drugs by some skeezy looking person on the street. Yeah, acquaintances and friends have offered me weed, but that’s about it. Where are my random strangers offering me free drugs.

“Drug education” lied to me :frowning:


Right? And I kept on looking for the free razors in apples on Halloween. I never found a damn thing. Someone was full of shit.

I’m :52 in, and already in love.

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Let’s try this one:

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