Watch these adorable baby octopuses hatch


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they look delicious


Looks familiar…



Noooo you monster!


Any creature that is able to sufficiently plan for the future to carry shelter around with itself is automatically off the menu for me.


I’m tempted to flag this post just because you went with the clip from the remake instead of the Harryhausen original. NOT COOL.


I bet he did it in purpose. It’s one of those, “This sauce is made in New York City!” moments.


Legs up to HERE on those kids.


To be fair, I’d eat human meat too.


Best avoided - cannibalism is a really nasty disease vector. Which is why it should be illegal to feed livestock from their own species, but I digress.


Too much like pork, so that’s me out.

Besides, almost none of them receive any species-typical keeping and feeding, they are typically full of antibiotics and other drugs, constantly under high levels of stress, etc etc. Nope, not a happy meal.


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