Watch this 1970 audience as Kraftwerk plays in their first recorded concert video


Ah. Same difference, then, I guess? Growing up in East Germany was the key point.

And yes, East Germany had a fraught relationship with pop culture.

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Arg! I hadn’t known that Czukay died.


I like this performance a lot! Despite being heavily into electronic music myself, I much prefer Kraftwerk’s earlier instrumental phase. Their later 70s all-electro funk has never interested me much.

Those who enjoy this kind of stuff would do well to seek out the six DVD set Krautrock Nacht. It’s got lots of old TV appearances by Organization, Kraftwerk, Can, Guru Guru, Amon Duul II, Popul Vuh, Tangerine Dream, Neu, Xhol Caravan, etc. Lots of groovy experimentation, but also some more popular rock like Grobschnitt and Scorpions. I find it to be mostly quite engaging stuff.

For some reason, his death wasn’t reported as widely as, say, the death of Michael Jackson.

The Devil is always in the details…

And with good reason. They let in Depeche Mode to perform a concert. Once. 20 months later The Wall came down. Coincidence?,_East-Berlin,_East-Germany

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I didn’t know that!

But given that by that time, the Monday Demonstrations were probably going on and there were other cracks in the iron curtain happening, yeah, probably!

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