Watch this 5-year-old car mechanic replace a wheel bearing on dad's 2001 Toyota


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I’m a big fan of this.


This is along the same lines as letting a kid help cook, which I’m fully for. My mom was quite happy to let me have at it in the kitchen and I was comfortable baking completely unsupervised and never had any mishaps. Let kids be kids but give them the freedom to be fully involved in anything that sparks their interest, without any condescension because of their age.


Jesus, Boingboing. If I wanted a reminder of younger people being more competent/talented than me I’d be browsing portfolios in Behance or something.

Watch this 9-year-old girl wield a sword like a boss

Good on that kid. That’s about the same training method my dad used with me, although I started later in life (handed him tools until about age 10, then he started having me do stuff where my hands fit better.) He was doing it under adult supervision, where Mom or Dad could help him with anything he wasn’t strong enough for, he needed an extra set of hands, or if he wasn’t sure of the next step. He looked pretty competent, though it did take him several days (judging by the glove and shirt changes).


One of my daughters, who’s 4 1/2, absolutely loves working with me on our project car… Whenever boxes show up in the mail, she’s sorely disappointed if they don’t contain car parts! Not every kid is going to latch onto this kind of thing (my other daughter , who’s also 4 1/2, is mildly interested at best), but giving them the opportunity has certainly paid off.


I call bullshit! You can tell he’s been photoshopped. he’s really about 35. Also that’s not a real car it’s just a free loaner from a dealer. And the bearing had another 10,000 miles on it, minimum.


As a mechanic I think getting the kids involved is great, but it is never too early to teach safety. Get the kid some glasses and work gloves. Also I assume when he is setting the jack stand the car is still on a jack. If that is so he is a little close and sitting on the floor.

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