Watch this fellow try to skip out of his hotel by exiting on a telephone wire


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We sure he was running out on the bill? There are plenty of fire exits… wait… this is China, right? Scratch that.

I bet he was having a tryst with someone’s significant other, and that someone came a knocking.

Or it was her driver coming up to collect what was owed.

Ducking out on a bill isn’t salacious enough for his predicament. Must be something moar.


About halfway across, he gave up and waited for someone to save him.



Looks like they opted not to give him three steps.


It looks like it’s kind of difficult to get across the final leg on a slack-rope. Or maybe he realized he’d just be locked out of the building on the other side, in an equally difficult dilemma.


This is why there are signs on things that say, e.g. ‘fire is hot’ and ‘do not stick penis into mincer’.


And yet, fellows continue to stick their penis into the mincer…


“Oh God how am I going to explain all these porn pay-per-views?”


Hotel receptionist to manager: “Sir, the guest from room 226 is on the line.”


Didn’t he remember what a catenary was from high school algebra?


Am I the only one shocked it held the weight?


This is screaming for a Tim Conway/Carol Burnett comedy sketch.
Not Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins, though. The sketch demands Tim be the guy on the telephone line.


That is a metric fuck ton of nope


Sadly, too many men still don’t read the directions…


Has to be a stunt, no?


I guess he’s going to try and book a hotel room to escape paying his rescue bill


I don’t even like looking straight down from a balcony. Small airplanes don’t bother me. I even jumped out of an airplane once. But this is one thing I could never, ever attempt.


I get sweaty palms just playing video games where I’m forced to jump platforms or scale heights.




Did he have a plan for his luggage?