Watch this fellow try to skip out of his hotel by exiting on a telephone wire

Like a bird, on a wire
Like a drunk, in a midnight choir
I have tried, in my way
To get shit for free


How come I knew, as soon as I saw the title, that this was in Mainland China?

I’ll admit I thought of something else when you suggested that.


Its a slack line so of course he is going to get caught in the middle when gravity drags the line down. Climbing up the hill to either side would be next to impossible with a small cable.

(Unless your name is Sokolov of course)

Why do high buildings have wires coming out of them from upper floors? Has China not heard of underground wiring?

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Indeed, that phone line has a great connection.

So, what’s the difference between a “gentleman” and a “fellow”?

What if a woman is the actor instead?

So many questions.

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