Watch this induction forge turn metal red-hot in 12 seconds


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Pretty nice little gadgeteering.
When I worked for GM, they used to use induction heating to heat treat and harden the faces of swash plates for a/c compressors. There was a nice little rig that would heat a half dozen plates to dull red in about 30s, then would automatically pop them loose into a water bath to cool. One operator would snap the plates in for treatment, then would pull them out of the bath into a bucket for the next step


I want that as my Super Power. I would only use it for good…


That’s amazingly fast. The pivoting bottom die on the hammer is pretty neat, too.


Several things in one short video to NOT put your dick into. Or hand…


to be fair, the induction heater would only be a problem if you have interesting piercings…


OH yeah, now that I think about it… But that hammer…


hammer always wins


how many watts & volts?


I live in the city and have been looking for an alternative to my coal forge. I wonder how this stacks up against propane for expense.


If your neighbors have outdoor sockets, it’s essentially free.

Evelynn! The TV’s gone dim again!!!


Funny, I don’t think I even needed the warning.


I don’t think an induction heater would do much to your dick.

Induction crucibles for refining and alloying metals are also incredibly cool.



Yes, we know they are cool, they were featured on BB.


There’s so much you need to know about engineering before you go sticking your dick into things.


I’m curious how much the electrical bill would have been for that–just heating up the one bar.

Maybe not too much? I guess electrical stoves and heaters get glowing-hot too, to lesser extents. My first impression was that it’d be an assload of energy, but now I’m not so sure.

Someone on the internet tell me!


Looks like 15 to 25 KW for 1/300 of an hour =~ .07 KWH.
Check my math.


I might be happy to let you sometimes get away with using such super powers for naughty.


Propane’s cheap. Propane forges are cheap if you build them yourself. If you’re crafty (which you hopefully are if you’re messing with a forge), then it’s easy to build your own burners with some pretty commonly available parts.

I helped a bunch of guys build propane forges built on one or two venturi burners, and am jonesing to build myself a new forced air forge (but the kid wants a playhouse, so guess what’s being built?).

Hit me up off list if you want my stash of info on burners.