Watch this live TV reporter respond to a random creep who attempts to kiss her

Because English is the current lingua franca of the globe. Which is strange to write, but true.


If you turn up the sound and listen carefully, you can mostly make out what she says.

That’s Russia. A misogynist’s paradise. (Think T-rump.)

That way in space also.


That would have been a great moment for a display of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


HA! That really was “mother fucker”!?! I was doubtful that I caught that at all. Well, good for the reporter for not going full Bruce Lee/Chuck Norris on the would-be kisser because… I would have started with the expletives and ended with some windmilling arms and an angry kick or two.

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Not a single word in portuguese. What a display of self control. We have a plethora of nice words to describe these kind of people.


Even in the dark ages this wasn’t cool. Don’t do this!

Transcript below…as far as I can tell.

Reporter - Júlia:
Don’t do this, never do this again! Okay?

Creepy Guy:
Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…

Reporter - Júlia:
Don’t do this! I’m not…

Creepy Guy:

Reporter - Júlia:
I don’t allow you to do that. Never!

Creepy Guy:
Alright fine.

Reporter - Júlia:
Okay? This is not polite, this is not right!

Creepy Guy:

Reporter - Júlia:
Never do this!

Creepy Guy:
I might admit, I’ll admit. (Hard to tell with this part.)

Reporter - Júlia:
Never do this to a woman, Okay? Respect, mother fucker.

This last part is gold…
Just respect each other.



That needs to be on a tee-shirt…


Thank you.

we must not keep meeting like this…

I really thought Edward Snowden would have known better.

Not the first incident

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