Watch this man with no legs set a world record for running on his hands

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The ability of humans to overcome various obstacles in their lives never ceases to amaze me!

Here’s his bio…


Wow. That guy can run faster on his hands than I probably can on my legs.


This guy is amazing.

The only thing Im scared (for him) is: even able-bodied people find very slim pickings if their single focus is athletics. (eg, much less than 1% of all college football athletes make it to the Pro leagues-- and thats a very well-financed sport.) Hopefully, the guy is studying hard in college: he seems extremely intelligent, so probably so.


We watched way more Paralympics this year, and the events were were really gripping. Digging into the ways that the Paralympics categorizes levels and types of disability was really interesting, and sparked a lot of conversations with our kids. I loved the sprinting and and distance events with hand-pedaled bikes on the track, but they did leave me wanting to see an event where someone was running on their hands. I hope this becomes more of a thing.


Yeah, but every elementary, middle, and high school has at least one coach, usually more, usually with an athletics degree, all sucking funds from the academics so that parents can watch their kids play ball games. Back in the 70s, my elementary school had only the one coach, by middle school we were up to 5 (three male/two female), and at least a dozen including the part-timers in high school. Checking the local schools 30+ years later and in a different region: one elementary phys ed, BA in education; middle has four teacher with athletics degrees, and a director with both an athletics BA and a masters in education; high school looks like six full time phys-ed teachers, four of which I was able to confirm an athletics degree for, plus a couple I couldn’t find data on, and a head coach plus an athletics director, both with athletics degrees or honors (not the same, I know).

And, unless it has changed over the decades, a large number of athletics degree’d folk end up in the military, which always needs strong bodies and people used to obeying orders.

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waaaaay back, when I was still in theatre, some of us would have races backstage between scenes - on our hands - tons of fun - but, of course,we had to do it upside down because of these here pesky legs, eh - but what Clark can do on the track is freakin’ amazing - he can certainly give Johnny Eck a run for his money (sorry)

Wow. He is truly amazing.

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He’s the flying punch.

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