Watch this seal play with their lunch in a Melbourne river

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Wednesday, play with your food!


Its quite far up the river too. This is pipemakers park, upstream from Footscray, near Highpoint.


Seal don’t care.

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From my river:


Also known as Knifepoint.

Its pretty peaceful at the moment.

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So the story goes that when Cook and his party visited Terra Australis they saw a large hopping creature and asked some local Aboriginals “What’s that”, to which they replied “Kangaroo”. Which is great but it turns out that “kangaroo” means I-don’t-know.

So anyways the seal is in the Maribyrnong river. That made me curious as to its meaning.
Fun fact: Maribyrnong is an anglicised version of the Aboriginal term ‘Mirring-gnay-bir-nong’, which translates as ‘I can hear a ringtail possum’.

That singular seal is playing with its lunch BTW.


But it’s only a story

Kangaroo = Gangurru = Eastern Grey Kangaroo


Um, isn’t Melbourne in stage 12 “police shoot pedestrians not alone and waiving a grocery store receipt” COVID-19 lockdown?

We can go out exercising for an hour a day. I just got back from a walk along the moonee ponds creek, which is the next watershed to the east. Lucky people who live near the Maribyrnong can go walking there.

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A river makes all the difference. Apparently COVID-19 is not allowed to cross rivers /s. I had a medical (one of 4 permitted reasons) appointment in Yarrawonga this week and crossed without restriction, but had to have a permit to return to my home in Mulwala, just across the river.
Very odd to see border checkpoints. Still, I don’t envy the NSW cops and the ADF standing around in -0c at night.
Masks and stage 3 on the Vic side and none on the NSW side (for now). Strange times.

I was driving north on the Hume before we went into lockdown and noticed a lot of cars from NSW driving south. I don’t think Sydney people realize how many people north of the border rely on access to Victoria. They are closer to Melbourne than Sydney after all.

We’re good to walk within a 5km radius of home - which in my case includes the Merri Creek.


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