Watch Trump supporter who doesn't believe Trump actually had the COVID-19 vaccine

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Lol, as if trump could alienate his base.

That’d be like hitler alienating the SS. Can’t be done, they’re worshipping the cult of peraonality. Since dear leader said it, then they gotta follow.


I bet you money that if you put his lumpy face on tv right now, Trump would deny he ever got the vaccine.


Maga variant is strong in this one, very strong.


Nope. He’d say he did it for political reasons, but he was already recovering by then and never really needed it.


Yeah, I’m with you. The base won’t even recognize the hypocrisy of the moment, they’ll just swing to “the vaccine is good and fuck those libral commie pinko’s who told us not to take it, and where’s my flag sticker because 'Merica!”

They’re anti-vaccine because they think he is. If he were screaming to get it, “Get my big beautiful vaccine, I had it made for you!” they’d run out and get jabbed.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried. I don’t know that it made a damn bit of difference, though.


Her? “Fake news RINO who didn’t back Trump up when it counted and this is another example of her caving to leftist media pressure and being afraid of Jewish space lasers.”


“They wouldn’t take it even if Trump really pushed it, they say.”

Of course they only say that after having been brainwashed by Trump, Republicans and right-wing media downplaying covid, and aren’t even aware of it, deluding themselves that they adopted their beliefs entirely on their own. So sure, it’s plausible that if only a few of the people who convinced them to believe this suddenly changed course, it wouldn’t have much of an impact on them, but at the same time, they also underestimate how much influence Trump has on them because they believe they’re independent thinkers (unlike all the “sheep” getting vaccines).


I’m tired of these ‘reporters’ (basically vox pop interviewers, for ratings) letting these fuckwits off the hook. Once this guy mentioned natural immunities he should have immediately been asked if he had had the polio vaccine, or MMR, or any others that the US requires or offers. These reporters, if they are any good (and my point is that most are not) should never let these fuckwits go without introducing some cognitive dissonance material.


This whole “god gave me natural immunities so I don’t need the vaccine because it’s man-made” thinking is so weird. You were born naked, but yet you wear clothes, right? Basically your entire life and survival is based on human created tools and technologies. Otherwise you’d be walking around naked, illiterate, grunting, sleeping outside, and surviving on food that just falls dead at your feet.


That reminds me: in 2 days the goalposts get moved again.


“Who are you going to believe? Me, or your own lyin’ eyes?”


Dunning-Kruger award winner!!!


In my TV news days we used to call these interviews “MOS” or “streeters”, for “man on the street” interviews. They usually send out interns or very junior reporters and associate producers to do them because it’s a crap job. The instructions are usually to ask the question of the day, let the person ramble, and maybe egg them on a little if they’re saying something particularly weird. But don’t get into a debate with them.

Collect about 10 of these “interviews” and you’re bound to get at least three stupid or deranged soundbites that can be edited into the full “voice of the public” package. Some late-night talk shows like Leno’s old one used the same strategy to produce their “Americans are ignorant idiots” segments. At a MAGAt gathering the pickings are even easier, of course.

All of which is to say, it isn’t real journalists doing these segments. I’m a lot more tired of actual senior reporters giving credibility to obvious charlatans, woo peddlers and grifters. See the news clip in this story, for example:


You nailed it.

I hated getting sent for streeters because my reporter would stay in the van “editing”. I generally don’t like talking to people, but the loonies are attracted to the camera like flies on shit. Rarely do you get a person who can string two thoughts together into a usable soundbite.

If you told me there’s a streeter on tonight’s local news, I could bet money and win by guessing where it was shot. Same place I was always sent. Which goes to show the laziness of the process - 20, 30 years ago that was a good spot to get some educated comments. Today… not so much. Area IQ has dropped.

Don’t miss those days at all.


Hmmm. I seem to remember that ‘the base’ is a translation of the name ‘Al Quieda’[sp?].
Given that they belong to a fascist death cult, this seems about right.

Hear! Hear!

Well, that 'splains it.
Trying to decide if the lunatic fringe is just getting more camera time, or if they are actually getting larger. I lean to the former, & shudder at the latter.


Trump marches by the beat of his own drum. He took a corvid feather that was dipped into some bleach, and tucked it behind his right ear on a clear moonless night. Worked like a charm…


He was still quite sick but declared “Now I’m better and maybe I’m immune.”

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Ask him today. I bet his answer will change.