WATCH: Trump thugs chase after Black Capitol Police officer

When all the white guys from high school shop class tried to over throw an election.

They couldn’t have thought it up themselves, easy sell to the delta males. Sapolsky mentions this within the baboon troop heirachy analogy.


I think the moment he discharged his pistol they would have run the other way.

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My question as well.
A number of years ago I consciously decided to avoid watching, except when in a place where I could give the content the attention and respect it deserves. I did it for my mental layout, but also because I became worried about what all this lynching culture and snuff culture was making mundane in society. Watching lynchings while having a snack?

On the one hand, I know that lynchings were a formalized form of entertainment for whites back in the early days, and also that historically crowds attended executions for a day’s outing, and that was in-person; but on the other hand it must have been once in a while.

So I’m conflicted here about how not to contribute to lynching culture and snuff culture, but avoid a Victorian-type shielding of one’s privileged self from such unpleasantness. Fetch me my smelling salts and all that.

To clarify, I think there’s good reason to sombrely stand witness to lynchings such as was done to George Floyd - and I did, but taking time to do so, with no distractions, to pay respect to the victim and all the others. But just like feeding myself on a constant diet of passive lynching snuff feels more like minimizing it … or participating.

im surprised he didn’t shoot them because he was afraid they’d get his gun, or because he saw a weapon, or because he feared for his life. isn’t he obligated to shoot to protect himself? aren’t those the usual excuses?

i jest. i know none of those are real reasons. only “criminals” get shot, not “patriots”


He was one cop with no backup against an entire angry mob who ignored his commands. Another cop is either dead or close to it because one of these people bashed his skull in with a fire extinguisher.

This guy wasn’t the problem.


Same here, avoiding it for fear of totally blowing a head gasket and wishing I was that cop but holding an Uzi in each hand.

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Personally, I wouldn’t strike a match sitting on a powder keg.

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Good analysis. Might I add that by falling back quickly, he drew the aggressor forward and thinned out the mob.

1 Like - just adding this here. His bravery probably averted a bloodbath. Very quick thinking.

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