Watch Trump unable to find Giuliani sitting directly across from him


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Giuliani is really The Shadow.

“Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of the Intertubes? The Giuliani knows!”

The Shadow was characterized as having “the power to cloud men’s minds so they cannot see him” … but didn’t use it in this case.


It’s a sorry state of affairs when a tin pan alley cockroach band is an upgrade.


To be fair, I don’t think Giuliani can even see his own reflection.


Maybe Giuliani was just playing peekaboo. Trump is still working on that “object permanence” thing.


Just waiting for the next Executive Order demanding that China immediately return The Presidential Nose.


Roger Fucking That.

[disclosure] Whiskey was consumed tonight. Really.


Let’s not be too quick to cast the first stone.

To be honest, I’m also having trouble locating Giuliani here in my room currently.


Trump is, like, the oldest new President ever?

It would not exactly be surprising if he’s having some vision problems.



And maybe too vain to wear corrective lenses … in public? But what about contacts? I don’t know, I’m speculating. But then why make a big show of looking around for something he couldn’t see anyway? I’d guess he was just being disingenuous for the sake of putting Rudy down, because that’s how mature Trump is. And because he lives in fear that you’ll see the real Trump, and lying is hiding, and lying is controlling, and he does it all the time, pathologically.

Somewhere in there is an actual hypothesis.


One might also wonder about the way he over-enunciates all his words, even to people he’s sitting right in front of, and about the way he relies on his kids to explain everything to him.

Get him a pair of glasses and a hearing aid and he might be an entirely different person.


That’s true. Vision problems might also fit with alleged fear of stairs.


Rudy Giuliani is an expert in cybersecurity.

Well, huh.


To be honest, it looks like he was temporarily confused about the person sitting on his left—a Rudy Giuliani replicant.


Giuliani! — oh no, that’s just my Benedictine and Brandy!


There’s a type of dementia that affects sufferers visual processing. They have trouble recognizing faces. They also have problems with stairs and slopes.


You think he shows up in mirrors?


Well, we already knew Trump is great at blocking out unpleasant facts.