Watch Trump unable to find Giuliani sitting directly across from him

Understandable senior moment, though you would have thought that the stench would have been a clue.

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Toupee staple has finally hit an optic nerve.


Trump was clearly trying to find the Giuliani who is “an expert on cyber security”. He ended up needing to settle for the one who was actually there at the table instead.


When people get older, their near vision typically gets worse, not their distance vision.

But if his eyesight was that bad, he probably would have gotten contacts or Lasik. I don’t think the problem is his eyesight. Of course, it could be that he’s one of those people for whom 20/20 vision all the time is a bit too crisp and uncomfortable.

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Who is Roger fucking?

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Roger Roger

I’d love to hear from a reporter on his detail about what they are observing about his cognitive issues/vision problems/etc.

Besides the fact that DT is a narcissistic idiot, he is REALLY old and I really wonder about his ability to just remember things and see things, etc.

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Giuliani is a shape shifter. He shifted from Americas Mayor 15 years ago to an old grandpa you never want to see again.


Will someone tell me—do people actually think that Trump said “Where’s Rudy?” and that he didn’t see him? Because in all seriousness in that video clip I’m hearing "Well here’s Rudy”—no matter how much I try to hear it as suggested.

So I’m wondering if there’s some confirmation bias going on here, or if you’re all just playing along with the Twitter-poster’s joke–I can’t tell for sure!


Oh he’s got 2020 vision, baby, he filed the day after the inaguration! BAM


Yeah you are right. As much as I despise him that’s what he said.

We are living in the Frickin’ Mother of All Paradigm Shifts.

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Personally, I wouldn’t risk it; he could get even worse.

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I don’t know anything about that Twitter-poster, but I feel like we’re all being trolled to see if we’ll bite. Did @pesco bite, or is he trolling us too? I have no idea!

Not dinging Trump here – people can’t help where they are from – but his New York accent is tough to understand especially at the tail end of sentences. This is coming from someone who has lived in the New York City suburbs for 42 of the last 46 years


Wow, he really can only focus on himself.


Yeah, he does trail off a lot, I’ve noticed.

And I’m not saying that the Twitter-poster or pesco are trolling; more likely sincere.

I’m no fan of Trump and I understand the desire to make fun of him. I think it’s all too easy for any of us to jump to conclusions that agree with our biases, though, so it’s something to train ourselves to see.

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