Watch: Video about competitive gravedigging


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Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves more quickly than your rival.


Looked like a good day to dig.


I’m dying to see the winner of this.


best eternal resting places…

No, I think that’s not the point. (And if it was, you’d have one equation in two unknowns - unsolvable, of course.)


It would be a grave mistake to miss out on this.


I love a good grave digging contest.


So not the guy on the right in this picture? I am dissappoint…

Seriously though that is neat.


I want to invite them to Tucson, where we use backhoes to dig our graves in the hard caliche ground.


What no dynamite?


Ok, cool…now how about the world graverobbing competition?

Those dead folks don’t have any need for that junk, after all…


Now we need a battle of the body disposing champions


The Evil Midnight Grave Digger What Digs at Midnight?

He says to me-he says to me, ‘you got style, baby! But if you’re gonna be a real grave digger, you gotta get a gimmick.’ And so I go, I says, ‘yeah, baby! A gimmick, that’s it! High explosives… Aaaaahahahahahaha!’ Yeah, keep playing with fire, super-pants! You don’t know how much fire you’re playing with! Aaaahahahahahahahaaahaha!


I am now going to find a spot to call somebody super pants.

Thank you.

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