Watch: What if Tarantino Made Spaghetti and Meatballs?

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Robert Rodriguez has done it for real


Should have shaped the meat with her feet to really capture Tarantino.


I’m glad i’m not the only one to come here to crack a joke about Tarantino and feet.


That first one should be “What if Kill Bill was a cooking show.”

Tarantino’s style to be emulated would have included a lot more dialog. While his violence is a hallmark, what sets his films apart is the talking.

And speaking of Wes Anderson, finally saw Moonrise Kingdom. Really, really enjoyed it on many levels. I need to watch more of his films and rewatch some of the older ones.


Fill Bill (with yummy food)
Gulp Fiction
The Hateful Ate


Challenge: What if Orson Welles Sheared a Sheep?

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I would have been thrilled if this focused on Tarantino’s techniques, rather than literal-minded Kill Bill references. He has a very distinct and self-conscious style that would really lend itself to satire!


Vincent Vega: You know, in Italy, they don’t even put tomato sauce on spaghetti.
Jules Winnfield: How are you going to make spaghetti…
VV: No, I said they don’t…
JW: …without no sauce?
VV: Fresh tomatoes.
JW: (looking impressed) You mean the whole goddam tomato?
VV: Skin and all, they just wolf those motherfuckers right down.
JW: Whole tomatoes!
VV: Don’t even get me started on the cheese.
JW: All right, time to get into character…


Fleece Noir?

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With no cuts.

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Or Hitchcock Tenderloins…The Longpig Take.

Wow, this got grim quick.

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Those made my day

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I was a fool to believe that I was the only one to notice T’s seeming obsession with feet.

Those are really A class puns.

Jesus Christ, you totally nailed it!

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I haven’t seen most of his films but of the ones i have seen my favorite is Budapest Hotel by far. Moonrise Kingdom was pretty charming and i rather liked the peculiarity of the characters in that. There’s a good number of his movies i’ve been meaning to watch and just haven’t made the time for, though i tried watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Made it something like 5 minutes in and really hated it. Never made it past that.

Michael Bay makes microwave popcorn, and it’s shown entirely from the inside of the bag.
Link it to any action movie major war type soundtrack and effects for some rumble and then do
a dramatic bag opening reveal.

I’d actually pay good money to see that

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