Watch Yoda say "hmmm..." over and over and over

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They get more depressing over time

But in an historical timeline, they become less depressing. Maybe Yoda just learned to live with events as they transpired, or became more energized the closer they got to winning the war again?


It’s just Frank Oz thinking about the scripts.


That’s basically me, when I’m stoned.

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Sounds like he’s got gas. Maybe he needs to be tossed over a shoulder and burped.

Everyone told me
not to stroll on that beach.

Said seagulls gonna come,
poke me in the coconut
and they did,
and they did.


By adding long gaps between the “Hmms”, this would make a nice addition to the Jolly Roger bullpen.

Here’s my version of the “Jar Jar is a sith” idea: George Lucas wrote Yoda as a total loser.

Just like Herbert Hoover was the most intelligent and most accomplished citizen to become president, yet was a failure in that position, Yoda was the best lightsaber swinger, the best lightning thrower, the best heavy thing lifter, and the best useless saying sayer so it seemed logical he would make the best leader of the Jedi - and he was absolutely terrible at it. Episode 5 and especially episode 7 put the lie to his often-spoken (but never demonstrated) axiom that you need training starting when still in diapers to be a Jedi - or even that training was required at all. It’s important that Anakin’s transformation to the dark side was demonstrated with the destruction of the Academy - the destruction of the regimented, bureaucratic, useless system which, if he did not invent, Yoda at least presided over at its pinnacle of decadence before the Lucas-approved annihilation. And the Jedi Council building was a literal ivory tower , outside and in. Here’s a guy that used the power of government to do what he wanted (including taking children from their parents), was so separated from the people that even those alive during the time of the council (like Han Solo) think the Force a myth, and couldn’t even provide the peace he promised in exchange for this power and wealth. He not only didn’t foresee the danger of the dark side (when it stood right in front of him!), but gave terrible advice to Anakin turning him that way. In fact, he was wrong about pretty much everything.

It all fits. Yoda. Terrible, terrible failure.

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