"We have a president who doesn't want to call it what it is" -Donald Trump on the truck terror attack in Nice, France in 2016


That statement starts at :26 to :60.

it’s oddly prophetic that many in his own party is now saying this about Trump today after his non statement about the terror attack in Charlottesville.


Talk about hollow words from the man who takes every opportunity possible to bully his opposition.




Oh fuck.


I for one am not interested in “coming together” with Nazis who run down nonviolent counter-protesters with cars.



And that reports the driver has been arrested. I hope they go away from society for a long fucking time.


This was not an isolated incident, and it was not the act of a lone individual.


Just surprised he didn’t publicly applaud the driver.


Damned NC. Raleigh was a nice area, because it was diverse; everyone was a transplant just about. Also great fishing.

The rural bigots were not great.



It really is true that everything Trump was blaming Obama and Clinton for, he’s doing (or trying to do) himself, and much worse to boot.


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