We HAVE to support Trump because we can't risk the alternative

What would it take to make you say that?

That’ today’s incendiary political question for you “anyone but Trump” folks- I’m not talking about the actual Hillary supporters, but the ones arguing that she’s the lesser evil:

Who would have to run to make you rally for Trump?

It’s the nature of the lesser evil frame that there will always be a greater evil. Who is yours? Who is the person that were they running, you would point to and say “we HAVE TO vote Trump, or we’ll end up with THEM!” ? Compared to whom is Trump the lesser evil?

And no “Hitler”. I mean actual people who could at least conceivably run- which, admittedly, given some of the insane precedents, is a pretty wide and scary field.


Ted Cruz?


You beat me to it… Trump is scary but not near as batshit scary as DisappoinTED.
Though the current VP pick sure gives me the hibbile jibbilies big time.

Ben Carson.

At least Trump has demonstrated that he can read an eye-chart.

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Another vote for Cruz.

OTOH, although I don’t buy the strategic wisdom of it in this particular example, I do have some sympathy for Susan Sarandon’s “heighten the contradictions” argument.

What to do when the lesser evil is still suicidal? Is a fast apocalypse that may offer a chance for a later recovery better than a more subtle but less escapable slide into doom?

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I’m sorry. I can’t support Cruz over Trump. I’ll take an atheist psychopath who only fears real people’s power over a religious psychopath who feels only accountable to his own god delusion.

Trump would murder people if he thought it were in his interest. Cruz would murder people because the bible and the voices in his head told him to.

And we can control what’s in trump’s interest easier than making an irrational superstitious person more sane.

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I agree; I was referring to Cruz as someone less acceptable than Trump.

The “heighten the contradictions” musing was re: Trump vs Clinton.

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Sorry, I confused myself.

It’s what I get for not paying attention.

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Isn’t it great that the consensus on “who could you possibly think of that would be worse than Trump” is a) the person he only just beat and b) the guy at the front of the queue to be the nominee in 4 years time (unless something awful happens in Nov).

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Pol Pot.


Vince McMahon. I like my pro-graps as much as the next lowbrow, but Trump seems balanced and sane compared to him. Imagine a short-fingered vulgarian with a massive dose of roid rage. It’s not inconceivable* he’d run, either. He blew a shitload of cash on Linda’s failed senatorial attempt.

*What does that word mean, anyway?

Bernie Sanders. My god, the man is a COMMUNIST!

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My top 5:

Karl Rove
Ann Coulter
Kirk Cameron
Glenn Beck
Alex Jones


Never trust a man who’s never eaten a popcorn ball.


David Koch. Trump may be a con artist, the Koch brothers are just straight-up authoritarian looters whose brand of libertarianism is “you have the freedom to do what we tell and pay you to and nothing more”.





finds Amazon page

Hey, look, if you’re going to try to promote your book, at least give a plot summary and a link.

EDIT: Jeeze, I was being sarcastic!

If there were two parties and my choices were Ted Cruz or Trump, I would not hesitate to vote for Trump.

Trump is an unpredictable clown with bonkers ideas that could wreck the country in many ways, but this is still a guy who used to be fairly liberal. Who knows what he’d actually attempt to do.

Whereas Ted Cruz is laser focused, smart, and has a bullet-pointed plan on how to remake our country into a pre-1916 theocracy with no environmental protections, no solid educational system, illegal abortion, no protections for GLBT citizens, no infrastructure, no income tax, and a return to the gold standard.


That you’d try to make that argument come out of someone else’s mouth isn’t winning me over to her side. Or Trumps.

It’s more honest, at any rate.