"Weapons-grade femininity"

@ActuallyARegular Funny. I don’t like to go to strip clubs because its gross. Some random woman shaking her half naked stuff at me doesn’t make me want to separate my brain from my wallet.

@manybellsdown I have never been a fan of lots of makeup on a woman. The most beautiful women in the world in my opinion are the ones that look the same when they wake up as when they go to bed.


I’ve seen some women in strip clubs that could probably get a job with Cirque du Soleil. Their pole work was unreal. I marvel at their core strength - now that’s beautiful.

Edit:[quote=“quorihunter, post:21, topic:101899”]
I have never been a fan of lots of makeup on a woman. The most beautiful women in the world in my opinion are the ones that look the same when they wake up as when they go to bed.
You’re making the same mistake as mike.jane here; that we’re wearing it for men. The majority of the time, y’all have nothing to do with it.


ok…THAT is a good point. And I wouldn’t mind seeing them at CDS.

edit: no not making that mistake at all. I am giving my opinion regarding make up. My opinion is not dependent upon someones reasoning for doing something any more than their reasoning for doing something is dependent upon my opinion.

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I love the self centeredness of this! The planning these “females” must undertake to do their make up in the morning so that hours later when they see their mark they can turn on the water works and somehow profit? The machinations involved! The scheming! The obviously plotting and thinking of rando dude that they serve in the restaurant ALL THE TIME! I mean OF COURSE! What waitress doesn’t obsess in her off hours over their customers and how best to fleece them! Who are these evil temptresses! I need to meet them they sound wonderful!


There are people with other handicaps than short that compensate with manipulation. I knew a guy with real bad ADD, he could barely read. But he was attractive and charming, and could manipulate people to do for him what he couldn’t. My girlfriend said she was creeped out by his trying to work his magic on her when she dropped by, either out of habit or because he worked for me.

Another profile of the person who uses charm and attractiveness is the attention junkie. A person that literally is addicted to attention the way others are to drugs. I dated one once, it was harrowing. I’ve known them of both sexes, but the females have it easier to just use physicality since men are typically more visually stimulated than women.

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So, because I have an opinion about whether I like something or not; I am one of the douchey children you display in those images? got it.

edit: quoting what I said as if I don’t know what I said is very kind of you. Thank you for the additional clarification that I was clearly too stupid to have understood. Thanks.


Have you seen the Gendered Objectification thread on this site?

ETA the link for convenience: Gendered objectification


Has my wife been lying to me about this?


Frankly, your opinion was a non-sequitur. Especially as you expressed it in response to a post that was about how we don’t plan our makeup around men. So, yeah. It wasn’t relevant. You were interjecting it into the conversation just like those other guys who weren’t asked.

I’d like you guys to meet my sister - and her girlfriend of 6 years. Are they wearing this to attract and manipulate men?


Haven’t met her, but it sounds like it?


She’s a LCSW therapist with decades of experience, I usually take her word on “people” stuff. I’ll be sure to let her know she’s wrong about this.

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completely fair point here.

Next time I will await my formal invitation to make a comment on a thread on BB.

I could care less why they are wearing it, I can have an opinion regardless of their reasons, just as they can have reasons regardless of what I think.

Are we married to the same woman?

You’re so very welcome!



Lord I hope not, she works too hard at what I know about!

He went on to say:

I’ve gotta use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.



That’s the really audacious part of this whole conversation which never seems to end no matter how many times it gets rehashed.

I prefer that a woman…”

I like…”

I want…”

Last time I checked, this was a message board, not Love Connection.

Since it’s not, personal aesthetic preferences and anecdotal offerings are completely irrelevant to the current discussion, which originally stemmed from one person’s questionable perception that he is somehow “victimized by femininity.”




I want to learn from them though, because I am the polar opposite.


The way you tell your story it sounds like you have no agency. You took drugs and blame somebody else for how you felt on drugs?

Really, maybe it’s spite over having been on the receiving end of manipulatively used weapons-grade femininity.

Is the problem the manipulation or the femininity? or do you mean to say that femininity is manipulation?
Weapons grade femininity sounds awesome! For a man to take offense at it seems to me to come from a place of insecurity, it makes no sense that a man who is confident in his own weapons grade masculinity would fear weapons grade femininity but a man who feels his masculinity is somehow lacking, might just resent it.