Wear a same-color outfit as Australian TV presenter Amber Sherlock at your peril

Do you have matching fannie packs? is it an attempt to be ironic? I mean either way I think you’d probably elicit an eye roll from me. Complementing outfits as opposed to identical ones would be more interesting but yeah whatever you do you.

So it is the lead reporters job to ensure wardrobe is going to be happy?
Maybe the problem is that the center person is obviously pissed, and instead of owning it and handling like a teammate would, she tries to deflect the energy on to another party that isnt even there.

I think your reaction is exactly the kind of thing he finds interesting.


Awesome. Just…awesome. :smiley:

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Although well aware of the intent, this smacks of self-abuse.


Yes, precisely. Wardrobe more likely isn’t going to give a damn. It’s not a movie, there’s no overall design choices being made for these clothes for their character arcs, there’s no money changing hands as a result of a certain designer being worn. Wardrobe just wants to make sure it is clean and doesn’t moire on camera.

And since they aren’t weighing in, it doesn’t sound like the director (actually in charge of the visual appearance of the show) cares either, those guys will literally yell about anything that is wrong, so if they are silent they do not care.

Again, this is a power struggle writ small and petty.


I don’t think the host can change, because the show has already started.

The coworker seems a bit stroppy herself.

Maybe they were both having a case of the Mondays.

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Anyone in this thread who thinks it’s actually a problem that all 3 of them are wearing white … just please stop and think about if you would say that if the three people on camera were men. All men on tv basically all wear them same suit anyway, with no more variation than the three white outfits on these women. If your issue is the color white, and you don’t think any of them should wear white because it doesn’t look good on camera, that’s fine. But if you think the problem is that all three of them are wearing the same thing, you might want to check yourself and why you think that.


And I’d I were the subject of that order from the host to put on a jacket, I would say no unless I were contractually obligated.


It has not started, this isn’t live TV.

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You get all my hearts. Nobody on the production side is worked up enough to require this change, I lit people in white all the time. It’s a challenge, but it certainly gets rid of the monotony.


Well, they are all wearing white after Labor Day, so bad form on all of them.


Rules are different in Australia, it’s summah down there!


Interesting - that could even be done in the same room, with three cameras and three desks - one for the anchor, one for the current guest, and one the previous guest can now leave and the upcoming one can sit down at.

Kind of the same way newscasts often cut to a separate camera for the weather report, even though they could just pan the same camera across the stage to the greenscreen where the weather reporter is standing.

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This may be what you need.


My sister used to call up her high school best friends every morning to coordinate their wardrobes. On most days they’d try not to wear the same thing. But on other days, they’d duplicate the others’ outfits.

Being a boy geek, I never quite got it.

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They call her “no shit Sherlock” because she’s not having any.

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Aaand installed!

Thank you muchly.


Already did it; adaway lets you blacklist dailymail so that you don’t inadvertently give them money when you are browsing on your phone and can’t mouseover.

@beschizza is there any way you could flag a Daily Mail link for what it is when the URL isn’t clear? They are (from a British, leftist perspective at least) one of the most hateful organisations on the planet and I’m sure there are a lot of people on BB who would rather not indulge their horrible diatribes with click revenue, given the choice.