Wearing hockey gear, Putin reacts to FBI director James Comey's firing: 'We have nothing to do with that'


Not that I don’t on occasion enjoy her posts, but I’ve noticed over time that Xeni’s sense of what’s bizarre or weird or scary lines up nowhere near what I’d consider normal.

Bizarre would be if he whipped out a pistol and started firing in the air while jumping around like Yosemite Sam. Or yelled into the camera “SLEEP TIGHT AMERICA I’M COMING FOR YOUR CHILDRENS’ SOULS NEXT!!!” Pointing out that asking a question about the firing of a non-international bureaucrat in another country is something that he has no comment on is hardly bizarre, or “through the looking glass”.


So what did Kissinger say?


Polonium in the water bottle is a heck of an Energy Drink!


First, Trump always posts his schedule on Facebook. He did not post it for May 10, his all-day meeting with Tillerson and Lavrov behind closed doors. But Henry Fucking Kissinger? Holy shit!


He said Jared Kushner is probably qualified as the head of the shoe department at a 5-n-dime. I’m paraphrasing


I’m not sure Kissinger was actually invited as such… My theory is that he has been haunting the White House ever since the Nixon administration, and for some reason they can’t exorcise properly evict him.


The subtext that nobody has spotted here is obviously that Putin is gearing up to conquer Canada.


You could tell Putin was about to answer before he remembered he can’t speak English.

Someone prove me wrong!


Can you imagine being told you’re playing hockey with Putin?

“Yeah, ah, make him feel like he’s working for it, but don’t bruise him and don’t score on him and whatever you do don’t win.”


“Because of something called polonium.”


Trudeau could body-check him into the boards, and if they dropped the gloves, he’d be eating that sweater pretty fast.



Have the BB’s staff been… how does one put this tactfully? Partaking of Alex Jones’ many life-saving products?


To a degree yes, but bear in mind that Putin inherited a country where male life expectancy was down to 57. I agree his attempts to promote exercise for men can be cringe worthy but it’s in the context of Russian culture - like Peter the Great planting potatoes in his palace garden and telling the gardeners to let the peasants steal them, because that was the only way he could popularise them. If he had actively promoted growing them the immediate reaction would be that doing so was bad for the peasants.
I suspect the reaction Putin is going for is “See, Ivan, the President is useless at hockey but he’s trying. You used to be better than that. Get off your fat ass and go get some exercise.”


This may be my favourite quote ever.


Even if you hate Putin (and you should, and I do), you got to hand it to the guy.

For a century, no one does what he does (and has been doing) as well as he does.

He is the consummate, refined thug-king. He would fit in at any time period, across the table from Metternich, the Medicis, Themistocles.

Trump is so outmatched!


Agreed. I don’t think there is any dispute as to the level of Putin’s competence - however Bond Villainous he seems to be.

From a purely observational perspective - this is quite remarkable given the state of ways in Russia in the last 20 years. Oligarchs, mafia, ruthless sub-states (looking at you Chechnya/Alu Alkhanov), state-sponsored motor cycle gangs, anarchist drivers - the place has been and continues to be a proper shit show.

But he somehow brings a level of order to the chaos. Hell - they managed to make the Olympics somewhat work in Sochi when they had no business even trying.

Sadly - this is all at the expense of human rights, due process, and general decency.


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