Weatherman knees prankster raining on his parade




Excellent reflexes!


It looks to me like "prankster runs into weatherman knee". Weatherman obviously has a brother.


Self defense.


Why am I getting flashbacks of Serious Sam?


Cloudy with a chance of meatballs indeed.

I always knew Cantore was a badass. He's officially my favorite weatherman now.


I love how Matt and Trey made up a whole new accent just for this phrase:

Squar in the noots.


Pretty sure you meant to say "parading on his rain."


That prankster will later have an epiphany after getting hit by a car, then spend his days making amends to all the people he harmed through being a doofus. My TV memory is shoddy, but it might mean the weatherman will become a love interest.


assault is so funny.


Jim Cantore has arms like Popeye. He's the wrong guy to prank.


That reporter broke the prankster in half. Like a boy.


It is when the assaulter gets a knee to the nuts.


It actually looked a little like he has some martial arts training. Not like Bruce Lee, but a few belts at least.


Yes, assault is funny when someone about to jump on someone else without their consent runs straight into the non-consenting parties knee. The funny part is that the weatherman doesn't even attack, he just lets a moron run into his knee.


Or, as was said earlier... a sibling.


Yeah, don't think he was going to run on by, looked headed straight for him so self defense is reasonable imnbtlso.


I wish he was my weatherman.


Self defense is so impressive.


While I like to think the best of people, if someone is yelling and running straight at you, it's not unreasonable to not give them the benefit of the doubt. He could have wanted camera time, he could have wanted an obnoxious hug, or he could have thought a tackle would have looked funny. Raising an arm or leg in a defensive position is a reasonable response.