"We're not stupid": MSNBC's Joe Scarborough says defense of Trump bloodbath speech is "bullsh*t" (video)

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MAGA minions quickly tried to spin the whistle by defending it as an “economic bloodbath.”

Not just MAGAts. Corporate outlets and NPR have been reporting it that way too. It’s as if they don’t understand that the blood of journalists will be in that bath too if they keep downplaying the threat he poses.


Jen Psaki pretty thoroughly dismantled the “out of context” defense.



Actually yes, at least 30% of the country is just stupid.


He didn’t mean a litera-- … actually, he did. In recent conversations with his good friend Viktor Orbán, Trump has learned a great deal about the creative skincare regime practiced by famous Hungarian Elizabeth Báthory, and is eager to try out her legendary “blood baths”, immersing himself fully in a bathtub filled with human blood.

Of course, the “woke” of Bathory’s day criticized this activity, going so far as to suggest that Bathory might have bled her servant girls and peasants in order to fill her tub. To head off any possible criticism, Trump intends to bathe only in consensually-obtained blood from immigrants, who will be humanely exsanguinated under controlled conditions and medical supervision, and fully compensated for their contributions.

President Trump’s example will doubtless inspire others to do the same, thus creating a profitable new business sector and offering economic opportunities to migrants who would otherwise be simply a drain on the public purse. Naturally, resentful liberals choose to call this “exploitation”, even “vampiric,” instead of focusing on the benefits to society of this bold new innovation from America’s favorite president.


All drains on the public purse must of course be reorganised to be an opportunity for the private purse to drain the public.



Yeah, most of the media are still trying to pretend that Trump is a normal Republican and that these things he says are symbolic or metaphorical. They’re still pretending as if he is acting in good faith, when it is 100% clear that he is not. This is why there are still a lot of people who don’t like him, but think, “Well it’s not that bad. We can survive another 4 years of Trump. And Biden’s bad too. He’s so old!” Unless you are actively engaged in seeking out news from various sources, you just get the impression that all this is just normal political posturing. And it isn’t! Sometimes even outlets I normally trust say things like, “Well the left is exaggerating, too. They’re all gloom and doom like Democracy is going to come to an end if Trump is reelected.” Yes! That’s exactly what’s going to happen! We know this because he has told us! I’m tired of people telling us we’re overreacting when we warn about these things. In 2016, we said, “If Trump is elected, Roe v Wade is in serious danger,” and people told us we were overreacting. More people need to start paying attention.


Seen somewhere:

Some bloodbath context:

One candidate regularly invokes threats of violence if he loses the election, the other doesn’t.

That’s it. That’s the context.


Nobody who heard is stupid enough not to know what he was talking about. Some are just fascist enough to want it. The problem isn’t incompetence, it’s malice.


Snopes have come down on the “economic” interepretation. They put it in context by quoting at length Trump babbling about Chinese car factories in Mexico, but ignore the wider context that Jen Psaki pointed out.


Is it just me, or does Snopes really seem like it prefers to carry water for the right wing as much as possible?


This is the true conundrum: electing Biden will almost certainly result in MAGA nuts escalating the violence they’ve already engaged in. Electing Trump will have a similar result with the difference being that the violence will be condoned and sometimes carried out by the government. These aren’t great choices, but unless you’re a Christian Nationalist, it should be clear which is worse.


I live in a deep red county in Oregon and we moved into this house in 2019. There’s a reason I don’t put anything that would betray my politics in the windows or on the lawn.


Some violence does strike me as likely, but I don’t think Tromp’s minions are any more personally, physically brave than Tromp himself is. I doubt many of the January 6 participants realized their actions could land them in prison, and now that that’s happened to hundreds of them, I suspect a deterrent factor has set in.

Yes, sporadic violence would likely occur, and some instances could be terrorism that results in mass death. I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t stay safe and be prepared, but I’d also be really surprised by a repeat of January 6’s events.


Well, in it’s current incarnation, he is. But that’s not their reference. I just cannot comprehend how these objectively smart people can still act as though this is politics as usual, as opposed to an existential crisis. Which it is! The potential for this to end the American Experiment is very real. This is not a horserace, it is survival. Pure and simple. Predator and prey. And we ain’t the ones with the fangs.


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I heard that this morning on NPR. that it was about the auto industry… such bullshit. I feel like we’re constantly being gaslit by the media that’s meant to help us understand the world…

Mostly centrists, especially men, whose rights weren’t on the line (and who’ve been telling us we’ve been over-reacting to the forced birth movement)… and now no one is ringing the alarm bells quite enough for what’s happening with trans rights. 3 states are now looking to essentially end recognition for trans folks…

I mean, if the GOP gets control of the Federal government, they’re going to push through as much shit as they can on the national level, awful shit like this, and we can’t count on the courts to save the rights of any of us. They’ve already shown that…

The fact is that we were right in 2016, and we’re right in 2024. They are showing us WHO they are, and none of it is normal politics and it should ALL be rejected… But far too many people don’t give two shits about anyone that isn’t them. And that’s years of the “Reagan revolution” doing it’s work of pushing individualism and dehumanizing some people in order to gain power for themselves.

But the media, a group under direct threat from Trump, keep acting like this is all normal politics…

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PUT THEM IN JAIL, IF YOU THEY DO. They are already being violent, and the way to stop that is to HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

Yes. That. As you say, sporadic violence is still very likely, but if we can get law enforcement to take it seriously, then we can deal with that. It’s not like we’re not dealing with sporadic violence right now, anyway.

I think it’s mainly corporate pressure. Even NPR, which is generally speaking funded via donations from listeners, still has corporate sponsorship and there is likely pressure on their C suite to keep a lid on the fears about a fascist threat.


All these defenses of Trump’s speech are a devious scheme to get me to listen to Trump ramble on for hours and hours. Just give me an accurate transcript that I can scan in a few minutes.


I think Snopes is pretty good at pointing out hoaxes and outright fabrications. I don’t think they’re as good with this sort of thing. They should have just stopped at “yes, he said this.”


Here’s the transcript. Good luck figuring it out.


We are numerous and mighty, though!