Westboro Baptist hate mongers turn tail and flee as HS counter-protest begins


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They left, because they saw that the odds of ginning up a lawsuit there was pretty low. That’s what they are - a bunch of scam artists who make their money by provoking people into actions that they can be sued over. The rest is just theater.


I needed this today.


Phones should be configured such that video recording is disabled when held in portrait mode.

I can't see my replies/likes/likes received totals anymore

Phones should be configured such that one-handed operation is just as simple in landscape mode as it is in portrait.


There’s a Kansas City in Michigan!?

I like their chant, but I wish they were singing it.


and people say the kids today give them no hope. thanks for your support, kids, you rock.


“As they skidded away hastily, students cheered.”

VICTORY is ours!


I am so proud of my adopted hometown of Kansas City. I’ve been following this story since she was first elected home coming queen, and all of the local press coverage has been positive and appropriate. And there were also parents among the counter protesters, not just students. The whole thing has just made me really proud to live here.


BBSes should be configured to automatically hide any post boringly complaining yet again about portrait video.


It’s one of those things that doesn’t friggin matter, but Internet Meme Repetition elevates into a major crime against humanity.


Well, it seems to have raised your awareness of the problem, so complaining about stupidly shot videos seems to be working, albeit slowly.


You know, I had waffled back and forth between your conclusion and them being a cult of personality (their founder, Mr. Phelps).

So, when Freddie died, I expected them to sort of slowly disband. What happened was actually unexpected: they excommunicated Phelps, presumably because of some deathbed confession (anyone have any wild guesses? ha ha).

But they still seem to be going strong, leading one to believe that their legal activities are just how their organization funds itself, and they are more along the lines of a hate group like the KKK.

Phelps, for his part, was much more than a hateful man, he was also physically abusive to his children.


FWIW, this story from 2010 still gives me a chuckle for the chant they were using:



Original articles had a typo. There are only two Kansas Cities that I know of. KC, Kansas, and KC, Missouri.


Why can’t phones record in landscape when the phone is held vertically if that’s how one prefers to hold it?


I don’t want to be the kind of person who takes joy in the misfortune of ANY person, no matter how hateful they are. Mr Phelps made it very difficult to be the kind of person I want to be.


Sometimes I wonder if we need to change the rules for eligibility to run for President of the US. Like, maybe you should have to be UNDER the age of 35…


Only if the candidate is a Republican.