Whale watching boat crashes into dock in San Diego


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I went down to the SD port and looked at the damage, it’s pretty extensive…


whale watching boat

Should have been watching where the hell they were going.


The people standing on the dock were chuckling when they saw this large whale watching boat approach.

I understand correct Internet editorial style is, “The people standing on the dock were chuckling. You won’t believe what happens next!”

Alternative forms include:
“The standing people were chuckling. Then something incredible happened!”
“The chuckling people stood. What happens next will shock you!”


“Whale watching watercraft watched by well-wishers. Watch when wreck wresults!”


ADVENTURE HORNBLOWER lives up to its name


I guess the boat is called the “Adventure Hornblower” for a reason.


“Hey, you scratched my anchor!”


Amusing overdubbed version:


I’ve actually had this happen; I believe it’s more common than you might think. Our sail training ship was docking at South Street seaport in NYC. No one had recently dredged the slip, and the ship not-exactly-ran-aground in the silt, then started sideslipping. One of the ferries was docked in the next slip over, and we pivoted into them. Before we finished tying up, lawyers were there to assess damage and fault :stuck_out_tongue:


That dock owner is SO gonna get sued.


Was anyone else worried about the elderly woman in red getting out of the way fast enough?


Knowing she was going to be OK, it is actually kind of great comedic timing.


I will admit to concern for the boat. A woman like that has seen enough to know what can hurt her. She seemed like she was going to give that boat some kind of talking to if it came close to her.


I initially parsed the headline as though it were about a whale, distracted by a boat, crashing into a dock.

I am simultaneously disappointed and relieved.


Not really. Maybe it’s my own disposition but it looked to me like she was contemplating taking the hit before moving along.


They was disappointing. I was led to believe that a boat in this situation would crash through town for several minutes.


Whale, watching boat, crashes into dock in San Diego.

Whale watching, boat crashes into dock in San Diego.


If it makes you feel better I was led to believe that there would be short shorts for all.


The investigation later revealed that one whale, sick of all this goddamn paparazzi crap, had cut their brake lines.